Tuesday, November 29, 2005


"If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more." ~ Harriet Tubman
Surfing and writing...

Hey, so i've been so busy that i haven't even realized a whole two weeks passed since my last blog. As always i'm still writing my music. I did the vocals for what might be the intro. In the rest of the time i'm just taking in the world via the web. Peep game:

Canada threw out it's government. {more}

I'm more mispelled and revolutionary than I thought. (more)

That's it for now.
Oh and go listen to Marvin Gaye - Soon I'll Be Loving You Again if you never have.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Google Video = Yes.

Rolling Bomber Special: Katori's battle to find himself (far less boring than it sounds).

AMV Wars: People have alot of time, sometimes that's good...

Late and errs.

Monday, November 07, 2005

A bat on one hand is worth two at a Bush...

Returning from T-U-F-T-S today, I went to McDonald's. In McDonalds, I sat by the window juxtaposed to this elderly duo who were engaged in banter that did not concern me. I eavesdropped my little heart out though, while i peopled watched out the window. As well, i tried to avoid superfluous eye contact with the brother sitting opposed to me at the table in front of mine.
The conversation between the elderly duo was actually a recitation of anecdotes about church, served a side of updates on friends and acquaintances. The conversation became more interesting when the gentlemen was misheard by the younger elderly woman. She thought he mentioned his friend George Bush to which she replied that she can't stand him. However, he corrected her (it was George Bonner) and also divulged his own resentment for the commander-in-chief.
I sat surprised and delighted. Here, two old white Christians actually did not like the President. For all my gripe about it, at least Massachussetts is a blue state, and that's makes up for a lot. But wait there's more.

Leaving Davis Square I hopped on the T. My car was fairly empty which is always nice cus I'm not a fan of people. At the Harvard stop the woman that was sitting across from me stood up and exited, but as she left the door she seemed to give polite directions to another person about to enter. That person turned out to be a blind woman. She stepped into the car carefully loosely using her cane and sat down opposing me one seat to my right or one over from where the other woman sat. No shades, eyes open and a little cock-eyed but, according to all the clues, still blind.
I tried not to stare, but then i thought... "Wait... it's not like she gone see me!! What? Is somebody gone go tell her, 'Hey that Black guy is watching you'?!" Never-the-less I tried not to stare. But then she started to take apart her cane and put it away; needless say... all bets were off. I was staring. But stopped before she "looked" around again.
As we're riding along i noticed the blind woman fixing her cap, and then her hair beneath her cap, and I thought, "I've never seen a blind person so concerned about their appearance." Really though, the inescapable amount of vanity shattered all acknowledgement of her blindness. By now, I wasn't the only person staring, cus it was like... "dang, that's pretty superficial." It wasn't a couple hair flips and hat readjustments, oh no... she was getting that joint set JUST like she liked it; followed by a double and triple check. Fifteen minutes later we were at her stop and she was satisfied... I hope. She stood up, grabbed her purse and walked confidently off the train.
HOLD UP!!! Ain't this woman blind?! Um, doesn't she wanna break out her cane or something...she's not even walking along the wall, she's dead-center of the side-walk how does she know she's walking in a straight line?! I looked over at another passanger just as confused as I was. By the time the train pulled off she was out! I mean OUT!! Straight Batman, all-day.

Yeah... that's all for now.
Actually... tonight the Mrs. has left me with this:
Go to www.google.com
Type in "failure"
Click "I'm Feeling Lucky"
Smile like me.