Thursday, November 30, 2006

Missed opportunities...

I like to think of myself as apart from the "necessities" of society. I can live without an iPod and don't need PS3. I can go without TV, internet, and most electronics for periods (hopefully short periods) at a time; especially if I can work on music in the meanwhile.

Today however I left my phone at my girl's place. 'No biggie, I'll just find someother way to contact her when I am on my way there', I thought to myself this morning. Seeing that this eventful night I was waiting for was tomorrow I was good. Cut my hair today, went in to work on one of my off-days. (Overtime pay, and making my work-week a little easier by spreading out the load). I was good. Chillin in fact. Jammin' D'Angelo's Voodoo album all-day, also my boss brought his copy of Jay-Z's Blueprint to bump in the workroom. Coolest old Jewish dude I know.

Anyway, I get home and find out that the event was switched to tonight. Of course I missed it cus I was at work. Even though I could have left work at ANY time. Dah well, I'm sure I'll get to mingle with movie stars and other folks in their network another day; cus u know that happens all the time for me. Grrrr... phone.


Beatles, Elvis, Jay-Z or Rolling Stones.... where's Michael?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What is this, cop F-up week?

"Forget the police!"

Also, how u supposed to fight crime when two of y'all can't handle a 92yr-old?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Big Ole Words...

So I know i've been keen on Cee-Lo since the Goodie Mob days... and I thought he originally proved why i singled him out on a track called "Big Ole Words" from his Perfect Imperfections LP...

Yeah... my boy Lasu threw this my way...

Gone let that marinate...
...think about what u think you know versus what u know you don't know!

C'mon. Even 10 bullets each from 5 cops would be excessive, Bloomberg...

Friday, November 10, 2006

One nation under a blue...

Mwa ha ha ha ha. Dems have the House & the Senate. And Mass just elected a Black man as Govenor. My district in Texas is still represented by a congressman who i feel understands me better than most. And I'm still Employee of the Month. Ok, the last part was irrelavent, but I just felt I needed one more good thing.
I'm busy i'm out!
BBC NEWS | South Asia | India eunuchs turn tax collectors

Monday, November 06, 2006

Busy duckin' the Po-Pos...

Sike... Though it is not entirely untrue, I just don't mean to glorify it. See last week the band and I wrecked shop at this party at Tufts University, so then we set out to do the same at M.I.T. It was crunk for all of 5mins before the cops got Maxwell on us and came knockin. We didn't want to get nobody innocent in trouble so we turned it down a bit. Nope, came knockin' again... needless to say we didn't really oblige like we should have cus there wasn't going to be any pleasin' them. I look it as a testament to the liveness of our show. You ain't jammin' if you don't get the cops called on you at least once. However this would be twice in our case. We just finished last time though, HAHA WHAT?!...

We are doing a gig on Nov. 14th at Harper's Ferry, and the proceeds are supposed to go to the Big Brothers / Big Sisters organization, so turn up if you can.

Rutgers University - be forewarned, we coming for ya on Nov. 18th. Let 'em know. Tired of the false protection and serving. That is it... I'm out.


YouTube - D' Angelo - Live @ Chris Rock