Saturday, June 30, 2007

Select & Direct...

Yeah... so here is the A&R Select player for Melodesiac! Feel free to jam out to "Easenin' Spot" all day or "Latin One". I know I do. What's ur jam?

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Do buy! :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Star Wars + Robot Chicken = Legendary Episode

Aside from the "Darkest Sketch" ever about the Tooth Fairy, this is why i love Robot Chicken. Props to Seth and Matt.

Star Wars Robot Chicken | Viva Adult Swim

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hmmm...think think think

As my girlfriend sat tonight writing a story that will be known no doubt by hundreds of thousands, she stopped, tapped her head, then remembered what she was about to look up (or research if you will)! I chuckled slightly, the action reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and I subsequently recited "Hmmm... think think think" as if voicing her motion. She laughed too. My quick laugh halted in a sigh of contentment that she also knew the obscure reference. She didn't though. Instead she confessed to having learned one of my more deceptive traits. (I was somewhat proud of her. Shhh, don't tell her though.)

So i elaborated "Whenever Pooh was contemplating something, he did the 'Thinker' and said 'Hmmm... think think think'... only he didn't have fingers he just had the... the..." outlining my thumb and closed fingers. "Yeah, he had the mitten" she finished for me. "Wait, did he?" I asked, "Pooh had an opposable thumb right?!" "I don't think he did?" she responded. So we of course had to look it up to prove one of us the victor.

THAT SUM'OF'MA'BIZL didn't have opposable thumbs!!

Now I'm thinking, how the f**k was he always grubbin' on honey!! I mean i guess it's right, that the bear didn't have thumbs but still!! Even Owl had opposable feathers! Discrimination in the 100 acre woods! What kind of 'don't be special' message does this send the kids? He's the star of the show! The show is named after Pooh. How does nearly everyone but Pooh have an opposable thumb! Not even a thumb, a nub; a freakin' opposible nub. Heck, just give the bear a digit!

Can a bear get a thumb?!
(At least tigger the ... got one. We see what's up w/ the name 'tigger' too; sooooo not foolin' anybody! Hahahaha.)
Winnie The Pooh | The Official Website

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brand New Brand New

Hi there, (Freddy "Boom-Boom" Washington style)

Today is probably the last day I will take the T in a long time. Which i clearly didn't know at the start of this month cus then I wouldn't have bought a monthly T pass (T = the MBTA Public Transportation system). That's how fast life can turn around. God is good.

I have a useless T pass cus now i have a car. I have a car now cus I have a new job. I have a new job cus ... well... I wanted more money to support my passion (music). And of course, I need for the usual reasons. Keep a look out for that and of course the current album out.

Anyway, in other news my girl got one of her old stories in a local paper. Who's proud?! Me. Why, cus i know that it's an OLD ... OLD story, and she's even better now. So... yeah. Be on the lookout for her, but for now peep how she wrote about high school when some of us were merely trying to escape it.

Yeah, it's amazing how fast things change. :-)
Willar Wigan's Microsocpic Art | Ever-so gently exhale "Ballin'!!"
"Like A Man Among Boys" | Carla Dash (pg. 20)