Friday, December 16, 2005

News to me...

So in these nights of CPU orneriness I've rediscovered the late night news. Maybe they believe that noone is watching so they can be more accurate and informative but for whatever reason the news is just plane better at three(3) in the morning. So good i actually have trouble picking between ABC and CBS. ABC is falling off though. They use to be real good and even had Black anchormen. I guess the ratings went up. I know for a while a couple of my more nocturnal friends used to IM with me as we watched the news. Not like we were really doing homework those days. Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe one day The Daily Show won't be the best informative telecast.

I do love The Daily Show.
(The Colbert Report is getting better to...especially "The Word" segment.)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Cold Jam...

Last night Melodesiac had our biggest show at Tufts to date. We played the infamous Hotung Café. Yes, infamous. It was straight. Actually, it was the jam. I ain't even gone lie, we had a blast. And the crowd showed us alot of love, which just makes you feel better and get more into it. We definitely packed the place too; that felt good. So all-in-all, I'd like to thank ANY and EVERY body that came out last night.

So... I woke up this morning... saw myself some snow outside. As i've said for years, snow is definitely the Batman of weather. (Mainly because of how quietly shows up. Like you look outside and there it is. )
As the day progressed the snow got really intense; like blizzard intense. Then something happened that I've never conceived of before. It started to lightening & thunder during the snowstorm. Though it makes logical sense it just seems freaky. Like I thought thunderstorms were bad, but like real snowstorms... nothing to be messed with. Just now i heard somebody talking about "...well I'll just risk it." This is a serious threat here. LoL, the snow/lightening combo ain't a game, son. It's like tag team terror over here. Granted hurricanes often spawn tornados and that's just wrong by all counts. But snow AND lightening... there should be a warning for that. The meteorologists up here are cool about the mess too like "Hey Bob, yeah seems like a snowstorm will be passing throw tomorrow, we expect a good few inches..." like it's nothing. I'm watching plows strugglin outside. PLOWS...strugglin. Seen somebody's lil snowcovered SUV outside tryina make it and i just shook my head. The REALEST soldier though, was this bird that flew by when i looked outside. Well... flew is kinda a misnomer, it was more like thrown. Yeah, that bird was getting its ass handed to him by the storm, but he was pressing on. That's bold. If i was a bird, i'd be in Texas. That's just me though. Sometimes as a me I want to be in Texas, but again that's just me. Dah well.

Frosty the snow-peace.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Me vs. XCP...

Yeah, so you know that CD you love to listen to on your computer cus you never really bought a nice radio for a couple hundred dollars. Well, you check your Task Manager to see what processes are running and realize that $sys$DRMdrivers.exe is running. That's odd.
Then it hits you. Sony put spyware on my computer. So you look around the web on why that .exe is running. You find it's a program called XCP that is basically spyware for the company. Also you find that deleting it can be risky.
Thus I nearly kayrowed my computer this weekend trying to delete it. However reinstalling a couple of programs should put things straight. I'm already back on AIM. Sidenote: the new AIM is evil. It just isn't as tight as the last version. Plus all the new graphics are just too extra. Basically they tried to hard. Yep.
Anyway, I think I have beaten XCP. I will find out whenever all the scans are done. Spyware is evil!!! Well, that's that and i'm out.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

First of many...

YEAH, Buddy!!! BlackOut the step team my boy Uchenna and I started at Tufts just one their first 1st place trophy at the step show at Cornell University. I ain't even gone lie, it's been a long time coming. Our history in competition so far has been: Null, 3rd, 2nd, 1st!!!
I'm so proud of the guys.
To check out the old webpage [Click Here]


Tuesday, November 29, 2005


"If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more." ~ Harriet Tubman
Surfing and writing...

Hey, so i've been so busy that i haven't even realized a whole two weeks passed since my last blog. As always i'm still writing my music. I did the vocals for what might be the intro. In the rest of the time i'm just taking in the world via the web. Peep game:

Canada threw out it's government. {more}

I'm more mispelled and revolutionary than I thought. (more)

That's it for now.
Oh and go listen to Marvin Gaye - Soon I'll Be Loving You Again if you never have.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Google Video = Yes.

Rolling Bomber Special: Katori's battle to find himself (far less boring than it sounds).

AMV Wars: People have alot of time, sometimes that's good...

Late and errs.

Monday, November 07, 2005

A bat on one hand is worth two at a Bush...

Returning from T-U-F-T-S today, I went to McDonald's. In McDonalds, I sat by the window juxtaposed to this elderly duo who were engaged in banter that did not concern me. I eavesdropped my little heart out though, while i peopled watched out the window. As well, i tried to avoid superfluous eye contact with the brother sitting opposed to me at the table in front of mine.
The conversation between the elderly duo was actually a recitation of anecdotes about church, served a side of updates on friends and acquaintances. The conversation became more interesting when the gentlemen was misheard by the younger elderly woman. She thought he mentioned his friend George Bush to which she replied that she can't stand him. However, he corrected her (it was George Bonner) and also divulged his own resentment for the commander-in-chief.
I sat surprised and delighted. Here, two old white Christians actually did not like the President. For all my gripe about it, at least Massachussetts is a blue state, and that's makes up for a lot. But wait there's more.

Leaving Davis Square I hopped on the T. My car was fairly empty which is always nice cus I'm not a fan of people. At the Harvard stop the woman that was sitting across from me stood up and exited, but as she left the door she seemed to give polite directions to another person about to enter. That person turned out to be a blind woman. She stepped into the car carefully loosely using her cane and sat down opposing me one seat to my right or one over from where the other woman sat. No shades, eyes open and a little cock-eyed but, according to all the clues, still blind.
I tried not to stare, but then i thought... "Wait... it's not like she gone see me!! What? Is somebody gone go tell her, 'Hey that Black guy is watching you'?!" Never-the-less I tried not to stare. But then she started to take apart her cane and put it away; needless say... all bets were off. I was staring. But stopped before she "looked" around again.
As we're riding along i noticed the blind woman fixing her cap, and then her hair beneath her cap, and I thought, "I've never seen a blind person so concerned about their appearance." Really though, the inescapable amount of vanity shattered all acknowledgement of her blindness. By now, I wasn't the only person staring, cus it was like... "dang, that's pretty superficial." It wasn't a couple hair flips and hat readjustments, oh no... she was getting that joint set JUST like she liked it; followed by a double and triple check. Fifteen minutes later we were at her stop and she was satisfied... I hope. She stood up, grabbed her purse and walked confidently off the train.
HOLD UP!!! Ain't this woman blind?! Um, doesn't she wanna break out her cane or something...she's not even walking along the wall, she's dead-center of the side-walk how does she know she's walking in a straight line?! I looked over at another passanger just as confused as I was. By the time the train pulled off she was out! I mean OUT!! Straight Batman, all-day.

Yeah... that's all for now.
Actually... tonight the Mrs. has left me with this:
Go to
Type in "failure"
Click "I'm Feeling Lucky"
Smile like me.


Friday, October 28, 2005

Mighty Casey the genius?!!

Um, you have to know BET Uncut to get this one. Those who do ... read and be amazed at the depth behind Mighty Casey's "White Girls"; recently used for the motion picture White Chicks.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Jack be back!

Dear Jack,

The time has come for the antenna balls to unite and conquer New England; specifically Boston, MA. Far too long the name "Jack" has fell on lame ears with replies of "Never heard of it." A generation is left in the shadow of golden arches. RISE UP and take back that which is rightfully yours. What "that" is I don't know. But I know I miss Jack In The Bos!!!

- Brendth
born & raised in Houston, TX (the chosen land).

Monday, October 24, 2005

A legend passes...

R.I.P. Rosa Parks. You treated this world far better than it could ever treat you, and for that you are in a better place now.

Throwback Nolan Ryan!!

So I'm watching the Astros game last night and just on an emotional rollercoaster. We're up, then tied, then down then up 2, then ... yeah. Who saw that? Freakin' grand slam!! WHY?!!! Oh, the agony. C'mon 'stros!! You can do it!!


Friday, October 21, 2005

What's in a name?


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Not that Ludacris...

So I was doing some e-promoting and the like around MySpace and I got to Ludacris' page and it sent me to this website. After my initial 5 secs of wondering if I clicked something I got enthralled in this video. Mainly cus it "asks" the same things I was asking 4 years ago. Get ready to read fast. So for everyone like me who wondered why there was little coverage of the Pentagon during 9/11 [Click Here].
If anything happens to me, you know who to blame.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Monday, September 19, 2005

"Toot Toot go down the hole..."

So a couple of mornings ago I wake up before everyone, BS on my computer for a bit then go potty. As usual the toilet handle is unresponsive to ur usual gentle twist. THough I never touch a toilet handle with more than one or two fingers, cus you don't know who does what and such. So... yeah... usually all it takes is a gentle push past a certain point and voila. Today, not so much. In fact, not at all.
You can hear the start of what would be the flush but the handle has turned all that it can turn. So I lift the lid and just raise the lever that pushing the handle usually raises, and of course the toilet flushes and I go on my way. Now part of me hoped that those who followed me would do as I did, but this was not to be. I heard another get up and use the restroom. they seemed to have a bit more difficulty than I did. Then I went to sleep. When I awoke I heard others fumble with the bathroom. Yet eventually they all seemed to emerge victorious in their experience.
I came to find out that unlike me, someone used a bit of excessive force in their attempt to expel their excriment. Now the same lever that was so securely attached before was now in the murky depth of the plumbing water. One of the house guest had fashioned a hook from a wire hanger. I hereby introduce our new handle. Being the least bothered by it, i passively wait for the next outing to go purchase a new handle. I already know that I will be the one who has to fix it. I just wish I could have therefore been the one to have broken it. Though i never want to claim poverty because I don't intend to stay in a poor state of mind, I can easily understand the "Broke Phi Broke" skits on Late Registration (Kanye's sophomore album).
WE FLUSH OUR TOILET WITH A HANGAR!!! LOL, mayn that's ghetto!! I'ma put this in a song somehow.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Gotta hand it to them...

I like to thank Uchenna once again for this clip of this administration getting their *ss handed to them. This could only be trumped were the commentator to have a sidekick that said "Yeah!!" Or a amalgamed group of spectators who offered one united "oooooooo"!! Here:

MSNBC: News Commentary

The funny thing is ... this is one of the more conservative channels.
Tsk Tsk Tsk...
"Mayn... Bush is fucking up!" ~ Dave Chappelle


Monday, September 12, 2005

The Damn Truth

This here is for everyone who has ever been asked "What are you going to do when you graduate?" Big ups to the inmates at T-Block.
The Damn Truth Manifesto


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Follical follies

So... tonight I have crossed another milestone of life. Having purchased the necessary equipment earlier today, tonight I cut my own hair. It was past due. One day I may grow my hair out, but my hair is like a girlfriend that I don't exactly work well with. At first, it's great, then not so much. I start to ignore the problem, and keep busy. Then i start to look for ways out. In this case, I was stuck. My boy that usually cuts my hair is not coming back to MA. And all my other dome chopping chums are MIA. Thus I was left to me. I don't trust other people cutting my head anyway, unless it's for near nothing. My favorite moment was when i essntially had a mohawk. Neverthe less I am cute now. As well, I cleaned up the evidence quite well, so it would be hard to tell where I cut my hair. I'm very sneaky. Anyway, you should see me so you could marvel at my one-handed, tiny-mirror-using, hair-cutting skills. Not like i'm a total novice, I've cut another person's hair... multiple times. Me do good. Me look pretty one day.


Friday, September 09, 2005


Can I tell you that I love my people? We just keep on going. No help from anybody, ever. We get sh*tted on and keep on moving up. We are destined for greatness.
My favorite member right now is Kanye West. I've always liked him; especially the more others dislike him cus I think he is more real than most of the cats you see. Even the mere fact that he takes time to point out his own hypocrisy is distinctly noble to me. Aside from that I'm even more pleased with his recent stance on the current situation. Mainly because he has a STANCE meaning he hath taken a STAND. I like it when folks are like "f*ck my endorsements, this sh*t is foul!" People are rich enough already, why should those in power hold back? They should be the first ones calling for change. Especially since so many of the rest of us follow them. Keep an eye on Diddy, I would not be surprised if he runs for political office in the future.
In the meantime visit the BET Saving Our Selves site. If you can't give anything monetary, at least send up a prayer.

Mos Def - Umi Says

Thursday, September 01, 2005

(AI) Artificial Intelligence...

On monday, my boy Zach Raynor( suggests that we try out for American Idol. We as in 'he won't do it unless I do it with him', so i'm like "sure" and then we reason it out. We play catch with phrases like "what have we got to lose" and other excuses to let our inner superstars out for a minute.
We tell Alejandro our excuses and eventually win him over. We figure we will at least make it to Hollywood, but we figure this year they are looking for a Justin Timberlake so they would probably arrange a way for us to be ousted before challanging him. If they asked why we were competing, we (Zach and I) would say that we wanted to sing against the other in the finals.

Tuesday morning we wake up at 3:30AM. We pick Zach up by 4:30AM and then head to Gilette stadium. We are there and in line by 6AM. LONG line, but strangely less people than we figured would be there. I mean it's a good thing, but still somewhat sad. At least this means we have a better chance of getting in. We really aren't worried about the first round, more so it's the second round when they REALLY decide who they want to put on TV, and then after that it's mostly fluff.
7AM and we've moved about 20ft in this rediculously long line at this pace we expect to be at the front by 5PM. By now we've started making acquaintances in line cus Zach is a superstar so he draws attention and I'm a gent so I smile and acknowledge people who make I contact with me. So we move a couple more feet in line, but we are much better at manuevering in the line so when we move we just fill all the gaps and wind up 15ft past the people were next to each time. So then we make new acquaintances while we just entertain ourselves. Through unseen portions of the line ahead of us you hear cheers and such, most likely for the news crews that are around. We aren't concerned with them. Instead a new concern arrises; i feel a drop or three.
8AM... It's pouring, like seriously pouring. I squat down and use people as my umbrella, but then my leg starts hurting from what i believe now is a pulled quad (thigh muscle) from moving my girlfriends stuff from the 2nd floor apartment to the 3rd floor dorm room. I'm not the type to take a break cus i just want it done, so yeah...I think in my 'work through the pain' mode i worked into a pulled quad.
11AM... We're finally nearing the front of the line. By now we've made acquaintances that we pull with us whenever we manuever through the line. It is still raining rediculously hard, as in it did not pass rather the cloud brought all of its homies to piss on us too. After a couple of hours of managing to duck under strangers' umbrellas while the umbrellas next to them poured the water in 8 directions away from their holder directly onto us, Zach acquired a HUGE umbrella from someone in line. This woman was seriously just holding this huge umbrella while standing under a smaller umbrella of her friend. People never make the most sense, so rather than pointing this out Zach asked for the big umbrella and then we all moved up under the guise of not wanting to be more drenched than we were.

So about 30mins later we were at the front of the line. After hours of getting drenched and longfully wanting to be at the front of the line so we could go through the bag check then stand under the covered entrance to the stadium, it stops raining as we get to the front; like a final diss. Now it's like "Go under the cover for what? ... We caught it all the hours of rain."
Now we are behind maybe 5 people and infront of everyone else. The next group to be let through will be about 25 people. Now about 3 people back from Zach is this woman who calls forward to her daughter and the daughter's grandmother. Something about bringing her purse back. The grandmother is like 'just move up in the line'. The mother is like 'there are too many people just send it back'. The grandmother is like 'hold on I will bring it to you'. Now everyone else in the line is looking at them like are you really going to push past all the people to hand a purse over. Before I could suggest anything the woman asks Zach and Alejandro if he could push aside as well as the tightly packed people behind him. Zach replies exactly as I'm thinking he politely says 'Ma'am if you wait for like 2 mins the line-attendant will move all of us into the open area infront of the bag check and you get do what you need to then.' The old lady is like that 'doesn't make any sense' and proceeds to start to push past Zach and Alejandro. Now you can hear the politeness starting to fade in his voice as he again says "Ma'am if you just wait 2 mins we can all move out your way but right now it's packed too tight." The grandmother doesn't listen and instead pulls the mother past everyone else for what was clearly a cut in line, cus noone passed any purse. So the old lady says something about us being rude to mother and daughter. Now we don't say anything about how unlikely it is that her child is going to be the next American Idol (i'm not saying she was ugly, but ....well... if she was the last woman on earth, it would take me a few weeks to warm up to her looks), instead Zach just asks me if that was completely pointless which means talking over the rather short grandmother. I, as well as everyone around me, smiles holding back a laugh of agreement. The grandmother looks up at Zach and says "young man you need to start acting more like an idol"... I shake may head. Zach is the WRONG person to come at like that. He already has an easily flared attitude and the past few hours of tight line, umbrella showers and "northern hospitality" (an oxymoron) have not fostered his best mood. Only the frequent little bit of singing we have done has soothed this savage beast. So Zach looks at the old lady with the famed black neck roll and "I'm sorry, and how should an idol act?" The lady trying to get smart says "You're here triyng out, you tell me..." Not missing a beat Zach (who was educated at about the most-respected institution in the nation) replies "Oh no no, see you obviously no how an idol is supposed to act because you told me I should act like one, so PLEASE educate me cus apparently I don't know!" The grandmothers stumble for a comeback is quelled by the mother and daughter who say "Grandmother don't waste your time, there is no use talking to him." Zach looks at me shaking my head and the other people trying hard not to laugh at the old lady, and says "I'm not starting, anything she feels a need to talk to me." We spectators smile and nod while trying not to laugh at the old woman still trying to muster an impossibly smarter comeback. Check and mate. The line-attendant waves us on into the bag check, which I and Alejandro pass through quickly cus we had no bags. Zach soon joins us in line. Shortly after we are ushered into the the entrance and pick up audition rules, the coveted wristband of admittance and a ticket.
We go find our seat according to our tickets in time to hear the latter half of an assistant producer telling us basically what was on the rules sheets we just picked up as well as answering crowd questions, etc. Among the interesting information is finding out that we were in the first three sections. Then we head back to the car just before noon.

So we do the early morning thing all over again and get there about 6:30AM. Only this time we get to go straight to our seats. As an extra little burn we notice that they are still admitting people today. No line or anything, just walk in and get ur wristband, rules, and ticket. It's ok though, we're still among the first three sections. Zach had tried out two years ago and heard the words that haunted him until this year, "Individuals like you make this hard to say, but we have already picked the people we want in this year." Then the producer looked to his constituents and agreed. So this year that won't be the problem. However we are still concerned that they are looking for a white male singer, since there has yet to be a white male winner.
In the meantime, we are joking around and singing. Most of the people our age are from Berkelee College of music. We chill at our seats cracking jokes from "Meet The Browns" (a Tyler Perry play - think Black families and Black baptist churches). The two young ladies in front of us joins in and we all are laughing and having a good time. Zach takes trips to the bathroom from time to time and really lets out there, apparently his vocals impressed some folks whose raised eyebrows and nods signify their respect he tells us. It starts raining again so we head up to the concessions area, but most of the stands are closed so it's just a place to chill from the rain. We practice a bit but mostly rest our voices. I practiced the day before so I'm cool, a little nervous but confident. We sit in some random chairs and watch the area fill more as the rain heavies. There really isn't anyone that worries us. It's more sad than inspiring. I'm sure there are people we hadn't seen yet, but still... You had your Aguilera/Mariah wannabes who made sure to have one hand up signifying their attempt at vocal runs/trills. Then rest were some sort of Carrie Underwood blend in all shapes and sizes. No Tamyra Grays or Fonzells really, again more sad than relieving. I would say the guys looked better than the girls, but I didn't hear anyone really.
Eventually our section gets up, we watch as a guy we know goes up. He's there for a long time, but eventually walks to the left. Zach says the guy can REALLY sing, so it's surprising to see him go left. However, the guy is as big as Ruben Studdard, but also like 6'5". Eventually we are up, and rather being split up among the 12 booths of producers, Zach and I are together at the first booth with what seems to be the BOSS. She is a middle-aged woman with a leathery Hollywood tan. Who has a fake smile planted on her face. She watches the people before us and tells them "Thank you but your voices aren't at the level we are looking for Season 5." We are up... the girl next to Zach sings her 30 seconds. She seems shy and stares at the tent ceiling the whole time. Her voice seems to barely reach the 5feet to the producer and PA. Then it's Zach turns, and he smiles and breaks into his 30 seconds a powerful ballad which he entertainingly delivers. Then it's my turn and I laughingly smile then break into Luther Vandross - Superstar... I did it well; about as good as Ruben and well enough to advance. Then the girl after me went she was alright, better than the first girl. "Thank you but your voices aren't at the level we are looking for Season 5", which is apparently the "bye"-line.

As we were leaving, Zach let me know that she was the same woman he had when he tried out two years ago for the first round (he made it to the second round where he heard the "sorry") and that he performed better this time than he did then. So tune in this year and watch with us to see who made it from Boston as well as who they will "guide" the audience into choosing as this year's winner.

Superstar! Peace!

Saturday, August 27, 2005


I have the feeling that my blog will continually be less and less interesting and less and less used. More so cus my days will become more and more business oriented, and I am not really trying to put business things in my blog, cus where is the fun in that. When i'm done w/ business for the day the last thing i want to do is recap the day. Nope. So...consider this a disclaimer. I will let you know of anything that I can, but don't expect that to come too frequently.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My bad...

Hey, i am really sorry. I've been busy. In my absence I built or had a hand in building this (and anything connected to this) site: Vetto Casado
In a couple of hours I shall be moving into my new place in Revere, MA. I am excited. Well, about as excited as I get over things. Yep.
That's it for now.


Friday, August 05, 2005

Bansky slaps the wall...

People rarely do the things that make the most sense. For instance, why is the most outspoken person against the absurdity of the Israeli/Palestinian dispute not speaking at all? If you don't get what i'm really saying, nevermind.

West Bank Barrier art...

Peace (for real).

Friday, July 29, 2005

I've HAD IT (my way)...

Alright, i can't take it anymore. I am straight up tired of Burger King's ignorant *ss commercials. Really?! Ask Black people before you market to them. What dumb*ss do you have working for you that you thought "Rebel Unit". I mean sure the chicken on dubs was bad, but you learn to let some ignorant mess slide. After a while it's like a neighbors dog that keeps trying to hump your leg. There only so much that you can tolerate. I don't know if it's true but folks say you gotta kick them in the nuts. Well, I REALLY want to kick Burger King in the nuts right now. Like one of those good cock back and then run and drop kick the mess out of 'em deals. Of course this isn't the most ignorant mess on TV but it sure does irk you. Keep watching TV, maybe you'll understand.
Big ups to The Daily Show, Adult Swim and especially Chappelle's Show (slowly slipping in good sense to the fold).


Friday, July 22, 2005

Get Lifted... (Short Version)

Saw De La Soul, Common & John Legend in concert. It was great. Basically me, Zach Raynor, and Major Johnson (two singers I know) went. So you know we were just singing all night long and having a great time. Rahzel kicked it off holding it down. Then De La Soul got the hands in the air. Common put on a great show, even breakdancing (windmills and everything). Then John Legend killed it (more or less) just sanging all your favorite tunes from the album and a few other amenities like the Selfish (remix). Then we went to the after party because another singer we know (Lee Wilson) was performing. And then we just hung out cracking jokes and chilling with some folks, it was a blast. I love musicians and people who love music. Also, i really like concerts... and earplugs.
May earplugs reign.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Test this out...

So the Mrs and I are walking back from Harvard and this guy is just standing on the sidewalk doing the superman hands on his hips stance peering down the sidewalk in our direction. We look at each other like, "What the...." Just as we get about arm's length away, another man comes running up and superman bends down pressing on his shoes and asks him how they fit. Turns out he is standing outside of a sportswear shop.

We are relieved, cus superman is not crazy. We are very glad that he has work. However, when did people start taking shoes for test drives (test runs)?! Really?! The world gets more odd. Just gets much more odd.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Him & Her

The other day my girl, my friend, and I went out to eat. We are there going through conversation when this couple walks in. The woman caught my attention cus from periphial vision she was fine. But in the two seconds of a glance you get when you have a girlfriend I noticed something. I took another glance, but the friend saw me so i just tell them straight up. "I think that woman is a man."

Of course this halts all conversation, you can't just let that mess slide by the wayside. So they both break they necks looking. But they can only see her ... him... him/her from the back. So we engage in speculation and excuses.

They get a few more brief stares in and after a while they agree that she's:

Wearing a wig
Cain't walk in heels to save her life
Has an odd lack of curves
Has a strong jawline

By the time the couple left the girls had convinced themselves that him/her was not "all woman". I don't think any is wrong, it just caught my attention. Honestly, i think it's cute that they found each other. Unless he doesn't know. Then he's in for the SERIOUS surprise. Maybe he thinks she's fine and that's why folks are staring. You never know, but i know that i would love to see that moment of truth.

Dat's it.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Decision Makers...

So apparently NASA had to call off a launch recently because a portion of the ship that manages fuel consumption was damaged. The chance of fatality in the mission was just shy of certain. From there NASA deliberated 5mins then decided to call off the launch. My thing is...

...what about 'certain death' takes 5 minutes to scrap.

Nasa Launch Staff (Harry): Well it looks like we have a problem. There's about a 50% chance the shuttle will expunge it's fuel and drop back to the earth.

Nasa Staff (Norman): "Hmmm..."

(Harry): "Geez. 50%. Should we send them or not, there's got to be a way to decide this. Screw it. Anybody got a quarter, we'll flip for it... Anybody..."

(Norman): "Wake up people... quarter... got one?"

(Harry): "You seriously going to tell me no one has a quarter. Oh my ... who are you people?! Screw it, let's do ODDs and EVENs. Alright, call it. Odds or even?"

(Norman): "Ummm... evens."

(Harry): "OK."

:: They shake and throw out the fingers. ::

(Harry): "Norm, that's three fing... You've never played ODDs and EVENs have you?! Great! You're a freaking rocket scientist... You know what?! Screw it!! NO LAUNCH!"

... rocket scientists.

That has to be the most pimp thing you can say... "Yeah, I'm a rocket scientist."


Friday, July 15, 2005


I am simply writing to say hello. It has been a while. I'm in the midst of doing things for the business so i have little to no time for things that are not that. It is essentially killing the relationships i have with people outside of the business. Not only with time, but it has become apparent that i'm so detached from the rest of life that I am seemingly left speechless in non-business related topics. Besides certain things that come on 'The Daily Show' and 'Adult Swim'. Case in point this blog... oh well. There will be a trade-off; some means of balance. :-)


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Writing material...

It's so funny, i have SO much I can write about right now, but i can't write about ANY of it right now. Keep coming back, cus there will be a time i can just go "there was this one time...." and just go off. Provided i don't bust my situation at that time... but still. Wow, i am essentially overflowing with everything i can't say. But i will summise it with... life is a trip.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Too busy to write...

Well, write more than this. Most of my time goes to the company. Check it out.
Precize Productions

We're actually really nice, we just need to reach people in the music industry. Soon enough though.


Monday, June 13, 2005

The MOS DEF-initely...

I don't know if i've logged this, but northeast mosquitos are insanely tiny yet just as annoying. This problem is only compounded by the lack of A/C up north, thus we got to put the windows up to stay cool. (Minor help staying cool, but hey, cooler is cooler.) Point is it is easily believable that they pass through the screens. This leads to that sucky paranoia where you think you are being bitten by mosquitos more than you actually are. In fact your never definitely sure that they are even in the room. Can you understand why I hate them so much? They drive you crazy. The ONLY creatures i go out of my way to kill. I actually enjoy their demise. Death to all mosquitos!! Insecticide! (This blog has no real point other than to place a new post between the last and the next one.)


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

You suck at life...

When you have to argue that you are NOT dead... you suck at life.
President Mugabe of Zimbabwe denies that he died last week. You can't write this stuff.
President Mugabe: I am not dead!


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Who lines up ducks anyway...

I'm writing songs. Commercial R&B songs. It's actually hard, I can't get deep, cus I'll lose people or have folks saying "What's that mean?" but I can't get too light or else I'll sound like everybody else and/or corny. Though they are almost one and the same. Darn the masses, if they wanted more we could give them more, but more fails miserably and leaves people unemployed.
Dah well, K.I.S.S. is the phrase.
In a hot room steady writing songs with my days.
Getting thangs in line for the next movement.
What do you do?


Monday, May 30, 2005

Jane Doe...

So a friend of mine recently started a blog and in it she mentioned her views on platonic relationships. Her view is that they are completely possible, whereas I view them as rare. She mentioned this and I believe it to be true, in most cases one party has unreturned attraction to the other. Instead of courting the person however they settle for friendship. I think the only cases where this doesn't happen is between homosexual males and women; which it may still happen in one of those "If he wasn't gay..." type of deals. See the thing is... people usually hang with folks that are around the same attractiveness as they are, were we to quantify attractiveness that is, give it a number and such. In fact, lets say i'm a 7 (out of 10)... then most of my close friends are probably 6,7,8s. This is the norm. Some folks have the friend that's a 3 or so, but you know how those things work out. At some point they've probably worked out the issues of "You pretty, I'm ugly... blah blah blah" until both are secure in who they are. However there are studies that conclude to what I said before. (Go find them.) The point is... if you are around someone long enough that you have no reason not to find attractive (meaning you very well should) then eventually the thought will cross your mind (probably multiple times). The way it works is that one or both of you is in a relationship already or some other hindering circumstance. Or (like alot of people) you believe that intimacy changes the friendship or something like that so you never let anything occur from fear of losing the friendship (that's a norm - hence the cliché: "I don't want to ruin our friendship"). Which is quite useful if your not the type of person who has those types of interpersonal fences, cus it's a good way to let someone down easy.
Now for those people who have a more liberal view on interpersonal relationships, sh*ts just not that crucial. As well, alot of would-be drama is saved due to that view; except when involved with non-liberals. (Liberal in this sense having nothing to do with politcal stance, more so the degree of nonchalance with which you cross the norms of they friendly or romance.) So for these liberal people it's you and your friend and you both are nonchalant so mess never gets awkward cus there's no reason for it to be so why not explore? That's the thing that I wish more people could understand. Life is only as awkward as you accept it to be. In many cases you could brush mess off as 'not that crucial'. You're attractive, you're friends attractive, and the only thing stopping you is that you think thing will be awkward... that's BS. But that's how people operate, while the rest of us live happy freaky lives.
People rarely do the things that make the most sense. They really should. What would Plato do? The real platonic relationship is between those who very well could be intimate together but just choose not to; not for any reason but simply that they never feel like it. When they do they do, when they don't they don't. I would be interested in meeting those who have this mentality. I feel like we would be very cool. Dah well.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Different Area Codes...

So... it is official. I have been to NYC.

I have walked the streets (a bit) and ridden the subway.

Looked out the 30th floor window of the place I stayed everyday to the Brooklyn bridge (we just south of the lower east side of Manhattan; which seems near the west side of the island, but nevermind that).

Good ole Cliff St. It was fun.

Also I discovered the addictive substance that is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The whole game really is one big racial slur that you just can't get that mad at cus yeah... there were/are people like that. So... dah well. Fun game though. Plus it's rare that the protagonist of anything is Black, so... yay!
Alright, me go now, they have digital cable at the place i'm staying. That means a WHOLE BUNCH of channels.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


We (me and the Mrs.) just returned from the senior Gala. I got to where a Tux. I looked damn sexy. The Mrs. had this little black number (which I picked out.) Compliments all night. I like being sexy. Vanity is good in small doses. It's like crack. A little crack never hurt anyone. (The former statement is completely untrue, lol. Wow.)


Monday, May 16, 2005

Redefining Hip Hop

We came we saw, we broke the muhphukin' stage! Melodesiac is the new new. God bless.
Check out the website.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Come see my band...

Hip-Hop Anonymous
Sunday, May 15, 2005
21+ $7
Harpers Ferry
156 Brighton Ave.
Allston, MA

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Translator...

The morning of my birthday, I walked from the southeast end of campus to the northeast end to start work on a final project. I get to the comp sci building and realize that I can't get in because I gave a friend my ID. So i call them and ask them if i can come pick it up from their place (the southwest side of campus). It's agreed. I start walking over to her spot. At the top of the hill, I see a gentlemen coming down a side street to my right, and this lady emerges from the building to my left looking for attention as if she is supposed to meet him. "Sir" she exclaims, "Sir! Can you help me?" I look to my right at the gentleman before I realize that she is addressing me. She's frazzled and hurried. It's currently 9:52AM = She explains that she is looking for the American Translators Association certification exam. So I let her know that I honestly had no idea what she was talking about but would see if I could help her. I'm from Texas, we have an inherent hospitality.
9:53AM = We check the largest room in the building she came from (she hadn't checked there yet).
9:54AM = I called my homegirl who was going to open the Campus Center at 10AM to see if she possible was there a bit early and could let us in, "No, but i'll be there in two minutes." she said. So we head down to the Campus Center to meet her.
9:54AM = I call Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) to ask if they know about any exams on campus since they are supposed to be given a list of all room reservations. They tell me they don't know anything about it.
9:56AM = At the Campus Center we wait for about 2 minutes and then the lady (obvioiusly getting more and more frantic) so she suggests that we go to the Dining Hall where she originally got the information to go to the wrong building. So we go there.
9:58AM = The lady talks with some manager in the back who resolves to call TUPD just as I had, this time he puts the french lady on the phone. She askes and they quickly respond.
10:01AM = The lady wants to run to Cabot to catch the start of the exam. She can't run nearly as well as I can, so i feel bad cus I don't want to burn off, but I don't want to just be lightly jogging along side her like I don't take her problem seriously. So i suggest that I will run ahead and find the room its in then come get her. Agreed.
10:04AM = Found the room, go back get her, she goes in talks to the test administrator and explains her situation. Everything is good, and I go off on my business.

I'm nice.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I am:
"You're a complete liberal, utterly without a trace of Republicanism. Your strength is as the strength of ten because your heart is pure. (You hope.)"

Are You A Republican?

I actually don't think the questions were liberal enough.
Oh well. Not surprising.

Friday, May 06, 2005


The Real History Channel.
The Old Negro Space Program

Um, I'm wrapping up finals, so take this and love it.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

School's out for ever!!!

Today.... oh Today.... today was a joyous day for me. Today was the last day of classes EVER! I will never again suffer through such institutionalized torture against my will. So long i've been a student; no more. It is an interesting crux. I nearly don't know how to identify myself. Not in greetings, but more so in the sense that school has been a given for so long, it seems odd to be without it. Like getting a cast removed after breaking your limb. You are happy to have it gone, but it was cozy inside. Well, I shall find my comfort in sleep. What remains is a deceptively high bar known as finals. I feel like I don't have jack to do, when in reality I have nearly half a semester's work to catch up on, a 25-page paper to complete, and an original project to finish. Feels like nothing, as if somoene asked me to run a mile for a billion dollars. I'm like ... "that's all", attempting to deny the fact that I don't run very often. Enough about me, how are you doing? So long we've been in school and now not? What is up?

Oh, for all of you who care, I talked to steven. His commencement was today I believe, or yesterday. I think yesterday. He is moving in to his new place w/ his roommate, somewhere in OK. I couldn't tell you specifics, it's all OK to me. I am glad he's doing well though.

Bah dah dahdah...