Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quit playin' games w/ my heart...

Backstreet boy 50 Cent has threatened to quit if Kanye outsells him. Clearly he doesn't know much about economics. Unfortunately for him just about everyone that will by his new album, will also buy Kanye's new album. But to make things worse, there are a few million additional people who will also buy Kanye's album who might not even have begun to incorrectly ask 'what is this 50 Cent?'

Now i've seen a number of dramatized (but quietly coincidental) retirements. This doesn't seem like one that will let (1, 2,3, 4...) FiF go out on top. There are thousands of hip-hop heads out there right now that have their hopes set high. Besides when ur the guy the haters love to hate, and the haters outnumber ur fans... the last thing you want to do is set yourself up for failure. It's like they say "Pride comes before fall!"

Peace and pie charts.
BBC News | 50 Cent 'will quit' if sales fail

Friday, August 10, 2007

Chocolate City...
...and it's vanilla suburbs!

Sooooo much of my musical tastes stem from this foundation!


P.S.> They also gave me so many quotations I could never live without!
For example, the post title...
"I am Sir Nose, D'void of Funk!"
"Free your mind and yo' ass will follow."
"Put a glide in yo' stride, a dip in yo' hip, and come on to the mothership!"
"Gainin' on ya!"
"Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat? Nothing but the dog in me!"
"Can you imagine Doobie in yo' funk?!"

Friday, August 03, 2007

Rap v. Hip-Hop
[Beware of the unresolved tangent...]

First off; I'm part of the separation between Hip-Hop (all four corners) and Rap; emcees and rappers; rhyming and rapping.
It's so antithetical that i can't even disgrace one with the other. At best they're tiered relatives.
Rap being Hip-hop's bastard lil' brother that no matter how despicable and self-destructive somehow comes out on top. (D*mn the man.)

Uchenna asked me to comment. So I will comment.

Personally, i'm quite dejected. Especially as I wake upon how many people really believe and aspire to the dystopia of mainstream rap.

It's two fold though. On one hand you have this system feeding you the idea that all that's out is this (c)rap and on the other hand you have us holding on to it, like it's going out of style. (Haha, cus it is. Yes, rap as we know it has begun it's decline in popularity. Don't worry your "why i'm hot" head, some new version will reign. Maybe this 80s baby movement, maybe not. Though anyone who really remembers the 80s knows it's nothing to miss. C'mon... pastels?!)

I choose to focus on our part of it, cus the system is lost and really doesn't know what the people want. It's just going to continue as-is until we make someone doing something different ridiculously rich (not wealthy, that's for the people behind the person doing that new thing. Ahem, Lupe.)
Anyway, mayn, I'm two steps from not giving a [censored]. (Clearly not there cus i am here fulfilling a simple request for a comment.) I love my people but they ain't got love for me or my brothas and sistas. Y'all heard about the civil war between Black folks and n*ggas... right now we Blacks are losing. Yes, we, and deep down, i'm country; pretty dang country. But at least I carry myself to command respect in public.

What am I to respect on the radio or BET? I guess I respect the hustle. The ability to spin & sell every stereotype we complain/protest/march about back to us and have us cherish it with the same ardent materialism infused in it goading us to buy everyone but our own peoples product. D*mn what happened to "buy black"? I guess that's my pro-black side.

Personally i've done what Kamaria suggests. Not that I meant to, however (but i promote it now; even though i know y'all won't do it - maybe BET/radio will change, sike). When she said it a couple of years ago I thought it was excessive (though most effective) and highly unlikely. Next thing you know I didn't care what was on the radio or on BET, blasphemy. Still don't; they don't play the artists I support/enjoy anyway. [I could have left it at "they don't play artists".] And i don't know anyone who is more averagely Black than I am. Of course they may exist, but i don't know them. So, I'm RBP #1. At least I was, I'm not so sure anymore. The new reigning RBP probably really follows/believes the hype. Hey, BET/radio, I'm Black too; i may not walk it out, but I'm not (that) militant or celebrating Kwanzaa either (but who does, especially if u know Ron Karenga's history or 'alleged' link to COINTELPRO).

So if I'm/we're out then they've lost their supposed demographic. I don't know who still likes BET and the radio [probably white folk] but they can keep it. Besides, it's not like the content is stuck in your head because it's good; it's just repetition. Hell, you will like most anything if you hear it enough times (ask a record executive). ESPECIALLY when you can make fun of it like we can so much of the content in the mainstream.

I way off target though, i guess what i really should say is good job Uchenna. But i don't know if i really even care.

I mean that group prolly won't amount to much anyway. They don't have the nearly billion dollar industry backing them (to my knowledge). Shoot they don't even have Uchenna backing them. I hope I, at least, have his support.
So i guess one could argue the general result of Uchenna's action. One small step for man, one giant leap deeper into hypocrisy. Good job though, buddy. Still...
Y'all want change, so be it. You want a message, support music w/ a message. You like what's out, go buy it. Folks pirate the music they wish prevailed in the media, but buy their "guilty pleasure". I'm biased though, i got an album out. Y'all know I got an album, u know me... that's two reasons to support. What's your excuse? Big thanks to those of you who have bought a copy.

So... quit your b*tchin', you can't really complain about a system you fund.
YOU LITERALLY PAY THEM TO FEED YOU THIS (c)RAP. As Pimp C said in the cited interview, "you shouldn't be doing anything you are ashamed of anyway." And you d*mn sure shouldn't fund it. That don't even make sense.

But as i've always said, "people rarely do the things that make the most sense." Think about it... it's true.
"...but i'm not bitter." [A reference to the "Block Party" sound track for those of you funding good music.]
I buy music to give artists one more point towards going "platinum" cus that's all that matters nowadays. Them folks that were going platinum anyway, meh, screw 'em, they'll be alright.

That's my word. But i'm biased.
"Buy my book! Buy my book! Buy my book!" ~ The Critic
{now change 'book' to 'album')