Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spell check and send...

As you may know i'm exercising alot of patience right now as I try the different musical aspirations I have. The hardest part is seeing the goal and still being JUST out of reach (for now).

The band has just finished mixing the debut album. (I'll elaborate another time... maybe. Probably not.)

I just finished writing a song for a major artist. (Pray for me.)

I have 2 songs of my own FINISHED and like 4-5 more half finished. So I will be able to gig soon.

I can almost taste victory!! Just gotta stay on my grind and accept my blessings. For now I'm out... gonna focus. I met a young lady today who wants to be a writer but is focused more on her current job. I asked if she still writes. She appeased my ambition (I think). I wish her the best and say to you keep dreaming and making moves towards them.

Peace & Blessings.

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