Tuesday, March 02, 2004

[23:02:51] Berendth: heehee
[23:02:57] Berendth: i'm an a-hole sometimes
[23:03:37] Apple: lol you are?
[23:03:37] *** Auto-response sent to Apple:
ran to the campus center...
running from the germs...
or trying to infect EVERYBODY!
{Evil Laugh} Mwa ha ha ha ha....

[23:03:42] Berendth: yep
[23:04:09] Berendth: so yeah, i was at practice for this dance
[23:04:49] Berendth: and the choreagrapher starts going off on one of her cussing storms telling us how we aren't getting mess right
[23:05:34] Berendth: but it's funny cus she doesn't give counts when choreagraphing - which is an essential part of teaching a dance to people -
[23:05:51] Berendth: so during this rant, i start taking pictures of the members of my step team
[23:06:08] Berendth: i mean she wasn't really saying anything i cared about
[23:06:15] Apple: lol
[23:06:17] Berendth: so then she gets upset cus i'm taking pictures
[23:06:28] Berendth: and she starts going off indirectly on me
[23:06:42] Berendth: so i walk over to my jacket and stuff and start to get my stuff ready
[23:07:09] Berendth: just in time for... "if y'all think taking pictures is more important than this right here, then just leave"
[23:07:12] Berendth: lol, so i did
[23:07:40] Berendth: my partner had already left, so i wasn't leaving her stuck out
[23:07:55] Berendth: and really i'm sick so i didn't want to go to practice anyway
[23:08:15] Berendth: plus i NEVER wanted to do the dance in the first place
[23:08:21] Berendth: so really it all worked out well for me
[23:08:28] Berendth: hehehe
[23:08:56] Berendth: don't be evil like me
[23:09:03] Apple: lol
[23:09:07] Apple: tsk tsk
[23:09:16] Berendth: heh heh heh
[23:10:12] Apple: are you going back?
[23:10:39] Berendth: when?
[23:10:49] Berendth: meh maybe
[23:11:00] Berendth: lol, only cus i had fun being evil
[23:11:08] Berendth: i kinda like degrading her authority
[23:11:25] Berendth: i mean in theory we all are there to help her out
[23:11:29] Apple: hehe
[23:11:30] Apple: ok ok
[23:11:32] Berendth: none of my guys want to do the dance
[23:11:45] Berendth: so it's not good for her to go off on rants like that
[23:11:51] Apple: no it isn't
[23:12:52] Apple: hehe it never is
[23:12:56] Apple: good for you for walking out
[23:13:00] Apple: i probably would have done the same

Had to be there... peace.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Well, ladies and gents, the best weekend i have had all break has come to an end. My lady love has departed back home. Sucks cus it was a catch22. We didn't have to wait for the weekend to pass to see each other (meaning she would have arrived tonight). However, she wasn't able to stay as long as she would have been previously. Although the other flip is that leaving now means the time when she comes back will be sooner. So i believe. It better be. I'm back at work. I don't know what else will happen, but that is that. Meloncholy.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Tufts Daily: "While tanners often get their fake bronzes to improve appearance, not all are purely in it for vanity. The Tufts Ballroom team, for example, gets fake tans in an effort to 'look Latin,' since they compete in Latin dancing."

Is anyone else slightly bothered by this?

[Click Here] for the full text.