Friday, July 29, 2005

I've HAD IT (my way)...

Alright, i can't take it anymore. I am straight up tired of Burger King's ignorant *ss commercials. Really?! Ask Black people before you market to them. What dumb*ss do you have working for you that you thought "Rebel Unit". I mean sure the chicken on dubs was bad, but you learn to let some ignorant mess slide. After a while it's like a neighbors dog that keeps trying to hump your leg. There only so much that you can tolerate. I don't know if it's true but folks say you gotta kick them in the nuts. Well, I REALLY want to kick Burger King in the nuts right now. Like one of those good cock back and then run and drop kick the mess out of 'em deals. Of course this isn't the most ignorant mess on TV but it sure does irk you. Keep watching TV, maybe you'll understand.
Big ups to The Daily Show, Adult Swim and especially Chappelle's Show (slowly slipping in good sense to the fold).


Friday, July 22, 2005

Get Lifted... (Short Version)

Saw De La Soul, Common & John Legend in concert. It was great. Basically me, Zach Raynor, and Major Johnson (two singers I know) went. So you know we were just singing all night long and having a great time. Rahzel kicked it off holding it down. Then De La Soul got the hands in the air. Common put on a great show, even breakdancing (windmills and everything). Then John Legend killed it (more or less) just sanging all your favorite tunes from the album and a few other amenities like the Selfish (remix). Then we went to the after party because another singer we know (Lee Wilson) was performing. And then we just hung out cracking jokes and chilling with some folks, it was a blast. I love musicians and people who love music. Also, i really like concerts... and earplugs.
May earplugs reign.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Test this out...

So the Mrs and I are walking back from Harvard and this guy is just standing on the sidewalk doing the superman hands on his hips stance peering down the sidewalk in our direction. We look at each other like, "What the...." Just as we get about arm's length away, another man comes running up and superman bends down pressing on his shoes and asks him how they fit. Turns out he is standing outside of a sportswear shop.

We are relieved, cus superman is not crazy. We are very glad that he has work. However, when did people start taking shoes for test drives (test runs)?! Really?! The world gets more odd. Just gets much more odd.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Him & Her

The other day my girl, my friend, and I went out to eat. We are there going through conversation when this couple walks in. The woman caught my attention cus from periphial vision she was fine. But in the two seconds of a glance you get when you have a girlfriend I noticed something. I took another glance, but the friend saw me so i just tell them straight up. "I think that woman is a man."

Of course this halts all conversation, you can't just let that mess slide by the wayside. So they both break they necks looking. But they can only see her ... him... him/her from the back. So we engage in speculation and excuses.

They get a few more brief stares in and after a while they agree that she's:

Wearing a wig
Cain't walk in heels to save her life
Has an odd lack of curves
Has a strong jawline

By the time the couple left the girls had convinced themselves that him/her was not "all woman". I don't think any is wrong, it just caught my attention. Honestly, i think it's cute that they found each other. Unless he doesn't know. Then he's in for the SERIOUS surprise. Maybe he thinks she's fine and that's why folks are staring. You never know, but i know that i would love to see that moment of truth.

Dat's it.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Decision Makers...

So apparently NASA had to call off a launch recently because a portion of the ship that manages fuel consumption was damaged. The chance of fatality in the mission was just shy of certain. From there NASA deliberated 5mins then decided to call off the launch. My thing is...

...what about 'certain death' takes 5 minutes to scrap.

Nasa Launch Staff (Harry): Well it looks like we have a problem. There's about a 50% chance the shuttle will expunge it's fuel and drop back to the earth.

Nasa Staff (Norman): "Hmmm..."

(Harry): "Geez. 50%. Should we send them or not, there's got to be a way to decide this. Screw it. Anybody got a quarter, we'll flip for it... Anybody..."

(Norman): "Wake up people... quarter... got one?"

(Harry): "You seriously going to tell me no one has a quarter. Oh my ... who are you people?! Screw it, let's do ODDs and EVENs. Alright, call it. Odds or even?"

(Norman): "Ummm... evens."

(Harry): "OK."

:: They shake and throw out the fingers. ::

(Harry): "Norm, that's three fing... You've never played ODDs and EVENs have you?! Great! You're a freaking rocket scientist... You know what?! Screw it!! NO LAUNCH!"

... rocket scientists.

That has to be the most pimp thing you can say... "Yeah, I'm a rocket scientist."


Friday, July 15, 2005


I am simply writing to say hello. It has been a while. I'm in the midst of doing things for the business so i have little to no time for things that are not that. It is essentially killing the relationships i have with people outside of the business. Not only with time, but it has become apparent that i'm so detached from the rest of life that I am seemingly left speechless in non-business related topics. Besides certain things that come on 'The Daily Show' and 'Adult Swim'. Case in point this blog... oh well. There will be a trade-off; some means of balance. :-)


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Writing material...

It's so funny, i have SO much I can write about right now, but i can't write about ANY of it right now. Keep coming back, cus there will be a time i can just go "there was this one time...." and just go off. Provided i don't bust my situation at that time... but still. Wow, i am essentially overflowing with everything i can't say. But i will summise it with... life is a trip.