Monday, September 10, 2007

Classic comment...

Props to Jamie Foxx on the best response to the Rock/Lee altercation.
(stay tuned - it's two videos back-to-back)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quit playin' games w/ my heart...

Backstreet boy 50 Cent has threatened to quit if Kanye outsells him. Clearly he doesn't know much about economics. Unfortunately for him just about everyone that will by his new album, will also buy Kanye's new album. But to make things worse, there are a few million additional people who will also buy Kanye's album who might not even have begun to incorrectly ask 'what is this 50 Cent?'

Now i've seen a number of dramatized (but quietly coincidental) retirements. This doesn't seem like one that will let (1, 2,3, 4...) FiF go out on top. There are thousands of hip-hop heads out there right now that have their hopes set high. Besides when ur the guy the haters love to hate, and the haters outnumber ur fans... the last thing you want to do is set yourself up for failure. It's like they say "Pride comes before fall!"

Peace and pie charts.
BBC News | 50 Cent 'will quit' if sales fail

Friday, August 10, 2007

Chocolate City...
...and it's vanilla suburbs!

Sooooo much of my musical tastes stem from this foundation!


P.S.> They also gave me so many quotations I could never live without!
For example, the post title...
"I am Sir Nose, D'void of Funk!"
"Free your mind and yo' ass will follow."
"Put a glide in yo' stride, a dip in yo' hip, and come on to the mothership!"
"Gainin' on ya!"
"Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat? Nothing but the dog in me!"
"Can you imagine Doobie in yo' funk?!"

Friday, August 03, 2007

Rap v. Hip-Hop
[Beware of the unresolved tangent...]

First off; I'm part of the separation between Hip-Hop (all four corners) and Rap; emcees and rappers; rhyming and rapping.
It's so antithetical that i can't even disgrace one with the other. At best they're tiered relatives.
Rap being Hip-hop's bastard lil' brother that no matter how despicable and self-destructive somehow comes out on top. (D*mn the man.)

Uchenna asked me to comment. So I will comment.

Personally, i'm quite dejected. Especially as I wake upon how many people really believe and aspire to the dystopia of mainstream rap.

It's two fold though. On one hand you have this system feeding you the idea that all that's out is this (c)rap and on the other hand you have us holding on to it, like it's going out of style. (Haha, cus it is. Yes, rap as we know it has begun it's decline in popularity. Don't worry your "why i'm hot" head, some new version will reign. Maybe this 80s baby movement, maybe not. Though anyone who really remembers the 80s knows it's nothing to miss. C'mon... pastels?!)

I choose to focus on our part of it, cus the system is lost and really doesn't know what the people want. It's just going to continue as-is until we make someone doing something different ridiculously rich (not wealthy, that's for the people behind the person doing that new thing. Ahem, Lupe.)
Anyway, mayn, I'm two steps from not giving a [censored]. (Clearly not there cus i am here fulfilling a simple request for a comment.) I love my people but they ain't got love for me or my brothas and sistas. Y'all heard about the civil war between Black folks and n*ggas... right now we Blacks are losing. Yes, we, and deep down, i'm country; pretty dang country. But at least I carry myself to command respect in public.

What am I to respect on the radio or BET? I guess I respect the hustle. The ability to spin & sell every stereotype we complain/protest/march about back to us and have us cherish it with the same ardent materialism infused in it goading us to buy everyone but our own peoples product. D*mn what happened to "buy black"? I guess that's my pro-black side.

Personally i've done what Kamaria suggests. Not that I meant to, however (but i promote it now; even though i know y'all won't do it - maybe BET/radio will change, sike). When she said it a couple of years ago I thought it was excessive (though most effective) and highly unlikely. Next thing you know I didn't care what was on the radio or on BET, blasphemy. Still don't; they don't play the artists I support/enjoy anyway. [I could have left it at "they don't play artists".] And i don't know anyone who is more averagely Black than I am. Of course they may exist, but i don't know them. So, I'm RBP #1. At least I was, I'm not so sure anymore. The new reigning RBP probably really follows/believes the hype. Hey, BET/radio, I'm Black too; i may not walk it out, but I'm not (that) militant or celebrating Kwanzaa either (but who does, especially if u know Ron Karenga's history or 'alleged' link to COINTELPRO).

So if I'm/we're out then they've lost their supposed demographic. I don't know who still likes BET and the radio [probably white folk] but they can keep it. Besides, it's not like the content is stuck in your head because it's good; it's just repetition. Hell, you will like most anything if you hear it enough times (ask a record executive). ESPECIALLY when you can make fun of it like we can so much of the content in the mainstream.

I way off target though, i guess what i really should say is good job Uchenna. But i don't know if i really even care.

I mean that group prolly won't amount to much anyway. They don't have the nearly billion dollar industry backing them (to my knowledge). Shoot they don't even have Uchenna backing them. I hope I, at least, have his support.
So i guess one could argue the general result of Uchenna's action. One small step for man, one giant leap deeper into hypocrisy. Good job though, buddy. Still...
Y'all want change, so be it. You want a message, support music w/ a message. You like what's out, go buy it. Folks pirate the music they wish prevailed in the media, but buy their "guilty pleasure". I'm biased though, i got an album out. Y'all know I got an album, u know me... that's two reasons to support. What's your excuse? Big thanks to those of you who have bought a copy.

So... quit your b*tchin', you can't really complain about a system you fund.
YOU LITERALLY PAY THEM TO FEED YOU THIS (c)RAP. As Pimp C said in the cited interview, "you shouldn't be doing anything you are ashamed of anyway." And you d*mn sure shouldn't fund it. That don't even make sense.

But as i've always said, "people rarely do the things that make the most sense." Think about it... it's true.
"...but i'm not bitter." [A reference to the "Block Party" sound track for those of you funding good music.]
I buy music to give artists one more point towards going "platinum" cus that's all that matters nowadays. Them folks that were going platinum anyway, meh, screw 'em, they'll be alright.

That's my word. But i'm biased.
"Buy my book! Buy my book! Buy my book!" ~ The Critic
{now change 'book' to 'album')

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I feel understandably dirty...

I don't mean that I am filthy within reasonable means. In fact, i never said i was in actuality dirty. I am by most standards quite clean. Most standards being apparently below those of Nepal. And you know what, I'm not even mad. I completely understand. I may take an extra shower, but then I'd be a threat to the environment. Hmmm... i wonder what kind of ceremony i could perform:

Nepalese 'goddess' is reinstated | BBC News


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Live Er...Already ahead of ya!!

Mwa ha ha ha. All your guilt is for not Live Earth. I bought a Hybrid; WHAT?!! And this purchase was in mid June, hence before your ads. HA!!!

However, your carbon calculator has entertained me so... (and was informative, kudos)!

Live Earth Carbon Calculator

Green Peace & Blessings.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Select & Direct...

Yeah... so here is the A&R Select player for Melodesiac! Feel free to jam out to "Easenin' Spot" all day or "Latin One". I know I do. What's ur jam?

Buy Now!

Do buy! :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Star Wars + Robot Chicken = Legendary Episode

Aside from the "Darkest Sketch" ever about the Tooth Fairy, this is why i love Robot Chicken. Props to Seth and Matt.

Star Wars Robot Chicken | Viva Adult Swim

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hmmm...think think think

As my girlfriend sat tonight writing a story that will be known no doubt by hundreds of thousands, she stopped, tapped her head, then remembered what she was about to look up (or research if you will)! I chuckled slightly, the action reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and I subsequently recited "Hmmm... think think think" as if voicing her motion. She laughed too. My quick laugh halted in a sigh of contentment that she also knew the obscure reference. She didn't though. Instead she confessed to having learned one of my more deceptive traits. (I was somewhat proud of her. Shhh, don't tell her though.)

So i elaborated "Whenever Pooh was contemplating something, he did the 'Thinker' and said 'Hmmm... think think think'... only he didn't have fingers he just had the... the..." outlining my thumb and closed fingers. "Yeah, he had the mitten" she finished for me. "Wait, did he?" I asked, "Pooh had an opposable thumb right?!" "I don't think he did?" she responded. So we of course had to look it up to prove one of us the victor.

THAT SUM'OF'MA'BIZL didn't have opposable thumbs!!

Now I'm thinking, how the f**k was he always grubbin' on honey!! I mean i guess it's right, that the bear didn't have thumbs but still!! Even Owl had opposable feathers! Discrimination in the 100 acre woods! What kind of 'don't be special' message does this send the kids? He's the star of the show! The show is named after Pooh. How does nearly everyone but Pooh have an opposable thumb! Not even a thumb, a nub; a freakin' opposible nub. Heck, just give the bear a digit!

Can a bear get a thumb?!
(At least tigger the ... got one. We see what's up w/ the name 'tigger' too; sooooo not foolin' anybody! Hahahaha.)
Winnie The Pooh | The Official Website

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brand New Brand New

Hi there, (Freddy "Boom-Boom" Washington style)

Today is probably the last day I will take the T in a long time. Which i clearly didn't know at the start of this month cus then I wouldn't have bought a monthly T pass (T = the MBTA Public Transportation system). That's how fast life can turn around. God is good.

I have a useless T pass cus now i have a car. I have a car now cus I have a new job. I have a new job cus ... well... I wanted more money to support my passion (music). And of course, I need for the usual reasons. Keep a look out for that and of course the current album out.

Anyway, in other news my girl got one of her old stories in a local paper. Who's proud?! Me. Why, cus i know that it's an OLD ... OLD story, and she's even better now. So... yeah. Be on the lookout for her, but for now peep how she wrote about high school when some of us were merely trying to escape it.

Yeah, it's amazing how fast things change. :-)
Willar Wigan's Microsocpic Art | Ever-so gently exhale "Ballin'!!"
"Like A Man Among Boys" | Carla Dash (pg. 20)

Monday, April 30, 2007


Debut album from Melodesiac, "Hands High" is now available on iTunes.
Today iPod; tomorrow iWorld!! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


That's right, after a few months and nearly half a year of inquiries the debut album from my band, Melodesiac, was finally released on April 4th 2007. We sold about 15% of the initial printing the first day. Who knows how much now? So I recommend you catch your copy at Thanks for the patience and support. The reviews from the public and the Tufts Daily are beyond our expectations. "We 'bout to go Granite, son!!!" Haha, but yeah we are about to sell out for real. So don't procrastinate.
Melodesiac @

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rap-Cat is the truth, son...

Not even gon' lie... I'd prefer Rap-Cat to be top of the charts right now than alot of other acts right now. That's how far things have fallen.

'Cause I don't hate the players... just the game.

Peace & Blessings.
____________________________________ | Rap-Cat > Lil' Wayne

Sunday, March 04, 2007

D*mn it feels good to be a gangsta...
(aka...At least they're honest about it in the South.)

You ever had a situation that was so appallingly racist you were surprised anyone could still be that ignorant. Like 'how did you survive with the Neolithic opinions?' Then you just want to completely belittle them until they feel dumb as hell.

Tonight my band was playing at this club on one of the most popular strips in the Boston area. Honestly, I never heard anything about the place til we were booked to play it. Upon arrival I was disappointed cus i thought the place was twice as big as it was (stupid deceptive online photos). We sound check, everything is smooth. The band before us does the same and the band (excluding me) go to get something to eat. Upon arrival they are given a hard time at the door. The band was not up to dress code. ... Wait... Dress code? Who said anything about a dress code tonight?

Yes. After we've already been set to play we find out there is a dress code. Now sure it is not the clubs fault they have a dress code. We should have been informed in the booking true. However since it's too late for that now, I ask to speak with the manager. Surely, he'll be reasonable about the situation.

The security guard i've been talking with up to now (whom i've deemed Uncle Tom aka House Slave Supreme) points me to a 'gentleman' outside in a black wool trenchcoat. May I also mentioned that he refused to explain why they hold fast to their dress code tonight? So I go over to the manager, at which point he and I begin to discuss this policy.
(I shall paraphrase to make him seem more intelligent than he tried to be.)

His point: We have a dress code to keep the crowd civil.
My point: Our crowd is a music-appreciating college crowd, they are not a rowdy bunch.

His point: Hip Hop shows have fights.
My point: We've never had a fight at a show. We've never had a dress code at a show.

His point: We are trying to avoid a certain time of clubgoer. This is an upscale establishment (he said 'joint' i think).
My point: We the band are not to dress code. The engineer is not to dress code. Some of the people you've already let in are not to dress code.

His point: We're not changing the dress code just for tonight.
My point: Why not?

His point: Cus I do not want to?
What I thought: "Are you three?"
What I said: What is your reason for that?

His point: If we slide tonight. People will constantly want to come in under dressed.
My point: Why would you suddenly lose your ability to turn them down then?

His point: It doesn't matter, it's not changing anyway.
My point: Then you are content to have twenty people at this gig versus filling the place to capacity.

His point: Yes.
My point: How does that make sense? Not only are you losing out financially for the evening but you are also denying a new crowd the experience of your 'joint'.

His point: Doesn't matter the dress code is not changing tonight.
My point: So who do you decide gets in or not?

His point: No 'baggy' jeans. No boots. No sneakers. No Polo shirts.
What I'm thinking: Now you know good and well who wears Polo shirts.
What I say: That's very subjective.

His point: We know the type we're looking for. They wear the baggy jeans, they come to the hip-hop shows and they start fights.
My point: Well that sounds like y'alls problem to me. Our crowd is not that type.

His point: Well how do I know that?
I'm thinking: Bout time. Possibly the best retort you've had this entire debate.
I say: True, however I can tell you that our crowd looks and dresses a lot like me.

He looks me up and down surveying my jeans and hoodie and asks what i have under the hoodie. I have a black t-shirt on. He concedes that I would not get in. I laugh, fighting the urge to slap him with my degree. I ever-so-eloquently communicate that as he can see just cus i'm dressed 'a particular way' doesn't say the first thing about me. He asked if i've ever seen people in tuxedos fight. I respond yes. Clearly lying but it was a dumb point (even beyond the exaggeration that people are wearing tuxedos to this 'joint'). So why concede? He asks if i've seen people not dressed up fight. Dumber question. So I point out how civil i've been in this entire debate while he's the dressed up one who has been cussing to me.

At which point the promoter suggests talking to the guy above this 'manager'. Which pissed me off (though i didn't show it) cus that means i just spent half an hour debating with the lackey.

I turn to the promoter and relate that the number of people they turn away tonight will be far greater than the amount they admit. I went on to say either way this is not going to reflect well on this establishment (verbatim 'it's going to give the club a bad name'). Lackey then interrupts and says "Oh your going to give my club a bad name, then forget the gig then. You can't play here." I'm thinking "good move buddy, making a small show a no show = better results ... clearly he has his MBA on lock)". Let's expound on the economics of it. 2 people = little or no money. However we're still set to get paid a booking rate. So financially, not playing works better for us. As far as reputations go, we could just send an email explaining the situation then play another show next week and be good. They would still be dicks.

Let's wrap this up... promoter talks to boss. Boss is like bring 'em in. Boss apologizes lets us know about how they had a bouncer stabbed (i'm thinking sounds like a personal problem, homey). Lackey gets written up. We play a pimp show. Put some new people on to us. I come home and though I wasn't going to give them a bad name before... i sure am putting the truth out there now. As Thom Yorke once sang... "You do it to yourself, you do, and that's why it really hurts!" [Radiohead - Just]

Peace & Blessings.

THEMODERN - 36 Lansdowne St Boston MA

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spell check and send...

As you may know i'm exercising alot of patience right now as I try the different musical aspirations I have. The hardest part is seeing the goal and still being JUST out of reach (for now).

The band has just finished mixing the debut album. (I'll elaborate another time... maybe. Probably not.)

I just finished writing a song for a major artist. (Pray for me.)

I have 2 songs of my own FINISHED and like 4-5 more half finished. So I will be able to gig soon.

I can almost taste victory!! Just gotta stay on my grind and accept my blessings. For now I'm out... gonna focus. I met a young lady today who wants to be a writer but is focused more on her current job. I asked if she still writes. She appeased my ambition (I think). I wish her the best and say to you keep dreaming and making moves towards them.

Peace & Blessings.

Pop Culture Finds Lost Boys -- Friday, Feb. 02, 2007 -- TIME MAGAZINE

Monday, January 29, 2007

Put your records on...

So.... we (Melodesiac) just finished mixing our first LP. I'm jamming it now. All that is left is to master it and then press copies for the public. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha. Tell a friend i said 'mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha'.

But yeah that's what is up with me. And I'm trying to put together some other music for an artist or two. As always working on my songs. Lastly, going to work. By the end of the year I will be way better off.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Is this gonna be bizarro year?!

Happy New Year!
I had to work today. But I got a raise! As well, i get time and a half. So ... me happy... kinda!

Anyway, ran into an acquaintance on the way home, he missed his train home so i am letting him crash on the couches downstairs. Introduced him to the roommates, they seem cool with it all.

Anyway, the real reason i am blogging right now and not writing some songs is because of this article.
BBC NEWS | Americas | Tabby cat terror for black bear
Dang shame! Definition of punk! Or, as I said maybe this is just Bizarro Year!