Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Super, man...

On this rainy day, I will see "Superman Returns". Which I'll probably write about tomorrow. Though for now I can tell you what I do know. I will be watching this movie in a packed theater. (I spell it "theater" when talking about movies and "theatre" when speaking on stage performances.)

The reason I bring this up is because I actually loathe watching movies when other people are around (excluding friends - not to exceed five in quantity, else it's the same problem). People talk. Why?! I don't know. Movies don't ask you to say anything. In fact, they explicitly ask you NOT to say anything.
Sidenote: "Inconsiderate cell-phone man" was SO great, bravo, encore.

But yeah, I like having a theatre nearly to myself (and maybe 20 strangers). I go see movies at like 2-3pm in the afternoon for this purpose. I guess because I feel I REALLY respect the art of film and to talk through it is unfair to you who subjected yourself to the experience as well as the crews who toiled over the project. That's just me though. So to avoid the ingrates I go to movies at odd times.

See you anywhere but the movies!

Ace reporter Valerin has discovered this story citing the inanity of the news: - Senator seeks tax on pimps, prostitutes - Jun 27, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Them dang ole spiders, mayn...

Dear Spiders,

I officially announce my beef with you. Not ALL spiders, just stupid spiders. Never have I ever ... (never have i ever?) walked through spiderwebs on a consistent basis. It has become a battle. First assumptions were that the webs only existed over the sidewalks between hedges and street signs. So naturally i figured walking in the middle of the street equals a solution. BLASTED SPIDERS got me still. Really though?! What warped spiders are trying to catch food on a street?! They can't be eating that much cus PEOPLE TEAR SPIDERWEBS. Like really though?! I want you all to eat. For the most part, I like spiders. Just not on me. You know I have a 1-foot rule. (If your within 1-foot of me, you relinquish your right to live.) Remember when it was 3-feet. I'm trying to help y'all out.

Also let's look at this from your point of view (POV). You're a spider, you just spent a long amount of (whatever concept spiders have of) time building your food trap and rip-rip-rip ya whole masterpeice gone. Surely you're not going to build a web in tear-down territory again, right? Oh no, you're hard-headed little spiders. You just keep on building. I mean you think Darwinism would take care of this. No web, no food, lesson learned. I don't know though, I KEEP walking through the spiderwebs. It always catches me off guard. You basically ruin my whole vibe. I go from happy/clean to sticky/webbed. I don't know where you're web has been. Nor do I think I want to know. I also REALLY don't want believe that you are now ON me with your web, cus I'll kill ya!! I completely understand the malice villians and thugs must feel toward Spiderman. Webbing folks in the face is NOT cool. Shame on you spiders. I usually wish the best for most creatures, but I'm kinda indifferent about you right now. Just the stupid spiders, not you good fly-killing spiders. Keep on doing what you do.



The World Cup is evil for pitting Brazil vs. Ghana so early knowing that i'm rooting for both of them.

Monday, June 26, 2006

No line, just unemployed...

I've been unemployed for a week now. I think of it like a taste of what writing full time will be like. So far, the only thing missing is performing on the weekends. But next weekend we're playing the regional finals of the Emergenza Battle of the Bands. So that will be tight.
For now, I spend most of my days coming up w/ music and lyrics if not finishing whatever I came up with in the days past. I'm already into a third song (of the new batch - I have others).

Outside of music, my girl bought Resident Evil. I played it, beat it. Which is bad, cus I really try not to play THAT many games now, cus I know I won't put it down til it's finished. And when I finish them I'm always like... now what?! What will I do now that my sole purpose for breathing has fallen into the limbo that is my past?! Ok, not that dramatic, but you get the point.

Anyway as not to sound completely slothful I shall inform you that I checked up on the job I want and they said they will probably have an opening in a week or two. Til then I'm all about the World Cup. I mean it isn't my fault that I resigned just as the World Cup began. :-) (I know that is completely false but play along.) Brazil is my fave, but I really want Ghana to do well. Anyway, i'm going to get back to writing/watching. I really meant to blog about my beef w/ spiders right now, but tangents rule.

Cosine, bizl!!

?uestlove's Blog has become a must read for me now. I like knowing there are more of 'us' out there. If you know who 'us' is go read and enjoy.

Jay-Z makes one small step for Hip-Hop... (Pun aversion program.)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The rebirth of a meantime...

Alright, so if you've noticed, i haven't been blogging alot recently. Usually like three times a month. The reason is that everytime I want to blog it feels like such a task; expounding massive amounts of mental energy to deliver a lengthy blog on brief topics.
For example, topics like my departure from the "Eco-thugs", or why Spiderman is the only spider-related entity i can stand right now can henceforth fall into much shorter blogs (bloggitos, if you will - which you shouldn't). I'll explain about the spiders in subsequent posts (probably later on today since I don't have a job now.)

In other news I've started another blog on the MySpace page for my music. Basically just to chronicle the journey i've enbarked on. Nothing particularly special, though it will get more interesting from here. Also, i'll probably start throwing in links to stuff below my posts like Jes does. In fact let's end this here.


Prison is the continuation of slavery!

When I think of feminism, Wonder Woman is the last figure to come to mind... maybe i'm off.

I met Ryan Leslie way back when he was focusing on himself as an artist cus Zach Raynor dragged me to a club performance, but so far my favorite thing from him is his video blog. It gives me jollies.