Friday, December 16, 2005

News to me...

So in these nights of CPU orneriness I've rediscovered the late night news. Maybe they believe that noone is watching so they can be more accurate and informative but for whatever reason the news is just plane better at three(3) in the morning. So good i actually have trouble picking between ABC and CBS. ABC is falling off though. They use to be real good and even had Black anchormen. I guess the ratings went up. I know for a while a couple of my more nocturnal friends used to IM with me as we watched the news. Not like we were really doing homework those days. Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe one day The Daily Show won't be the best informative telecast.

I do love The Daily Show.
(The Colbert Report is getting better to...especially "The Word" segment.)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Cold Jam...

Last night Melodesiac had our biggest show at Tufts to date. We played the infamous Hotung Café. Yes, infamous. It was straight. Actually, it was the jam. I ain't even gone lie, we had a blast. And the crowd showed us alot of love, which just makes you feel better and get more into it. We definitely packed the place too; that felt good. So all-in-all, I'd like to thank ANY and EVERY body that came out last night.

So... I woke up this morning... saw myself some snow outside. As i've said for years, snow is definitely the Batman of weather. (Mainly because of how quietly shows up. Like you look outside and there it is. )
As the day progressed the snow got really intense; like blizzard intense. Then something happened that I've never conceived of before. It started to lightening & thunder during the snowstorm. Though it makes logical sense it just seems freaky. Like I thought thunderstorms were bad, but like real snowstorms... nothing to be messed with. Just now i heard somebody talking about "...well I'll just risk it." This is a serious threat here. LoL, the snow/lightening combo ain't a game, son. It's like tag team terror over here. Granted hurricanes often spawn tornados and that's just wrong by all counts. But snow AND lightening... there should be a warning for that. The meteorologists up here are cool about the mess too like "Hey Bob, yeah seems like a snowstorm will be passing throw tomorrow, we expect a good few inches..." like it's nothing. I'm watching plows strugglin outside. PLOWS...strugglin. Seen somebody's lil snowcovered SUV outside tryina make it and i just shook my head. The REALEST soldier though, was this bird that flew by when i looked outside. Well... flew is kinda a misnomer, it was more like thrown. Yeah, that bird was getting its ass handed to him by the storm, but he was pressing on. That's bold. If i was a bird, i'd be in Texas. That's just me though. Sometimes as a me I want to be in Texas, but again that's just me. Dah well.

Frosty the snow-peace.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Me vs. XCP...

Yeah, so you know that CD you love to listen to on your computer cus you never really bought a nice radio for a couple hundred dollars. Well, you check your Task Manager to see what processes are running and realize that $sys$DRMdrivers.exe is running. That's odd.
Then it hits you. Sony put spyware on my computer. So you look around the web on why that .exe is running. You find it's a program called XCP that is basically spyware for the company. Also you find that deleting it can be risky.
Thus I nearly kayrowed my computer this weekend trying to delete it. However reinstalling a couple of programs should put things straight. I'm already back on AIM. Sidenote: the new AIM is evil. It just isn't as tight as the last version. Plus all the new graphics are just too extra. Basically they tried to hard. Yep.
Anyway, I think I have beaten XCP. I will find out whenever all the scans are done. Spyware is evil!!! Well, that's that and i'm out.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

First of many...

YEAH, Buddy!!! BlackOut the step team my boy Uchenna and I started at Tufts just one their first 1st place trophy at the step show at Cornell University. I ain't even gone lie, it's been a long time coming. Our history in competition so far has been: Null, 3rd, 2nd, 1st!!!
I'm so proud of the guys.
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