Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Time to face the change. LoOk to the left and behold the startling new addition to the 'Blogs I Read'. His name is "Saj". He was cool to know and now is cool to read. One of the many hidden treasures on my buddy list. Enjoy.

I ran into a friend of my ex today. Which was funny cus I actually didn't remember why I knew this person until after I stopped her and was ankle-deep in the brief catch-up. None-the-less it was cool to see that she is currently doing big things with the organization that employs her. Y' always wish the best of people you know. (On the two 'know's in that last sentence: It was either end with a preposition or be repetitive...i believe I chose the lesser of two evils.)

Anyways, I have to go. They (the powers that be) are sending me out into the boonies tomorrow. Though I would love to run into a Huey Freeman, i'll probably cross paths with a less like-minded type. C'est la vie. (I wish i knew more French.)


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Do over...

Okay! So remember how last time there were a whole bunch of new things going on. Yeah... that all happened. Only i want to try again. Well the new apartment is perfect so that part is straight. However the new job... tsk tsk tsk. I thought I was signing up to be the person that sits in the office while the eco-thugs hit the streets. And then gives them pep-talks when they come back. Oh not so...
Never has there been a more despised being than a black eco-thug. (Eco-thugs are the people you see on the street soliciting the public for "help saving the environment". I call them thugs because they are aggressive, wear colors and move in small packs.) That being is thus me. Allow me to list off which groups abhor each of the characteristics that make me such an abomination (and thus why i so desperately seek new/better employment):

The Racists - i'm black
The Employed - i ask for their money
The Unemployed - my job is to ask them for the money they ain't got
Minorities - essentially i'm like Carlton (Fresh Prince)
Conservatives - see us as hippies
Hippies - see us as bureaucratic scam artists
1x Givers - feel guilty for not "contributing" enough (cus there's never enough)
Members - incessantly hassled by us to be involved
Everyone - tired of explaining why they do not stop
Myself - know all of the above yet won't quit til i have another job lined up

So in the end I actually wish I had not quit my last job until I found a job better than what I thought I was signing up for. Have I learned that lesson? I dunno, i'm trying hard not to take the first job that comes up.

Save me jebus.