Tuesday, March 02, 2004

[23:02:51] Berendth: heehee
[23:02:57] Berendth: i'm an a-hole sometimes
[23:03:37] Apple: lol you are?
[23:03:37] *** Auto-response sent to Apple:
ran to the campus center...
running from the germs...
or trying to infect EVERYBODY!
{Evil Laugh} Mwa ha ha ha ha....

[23:03:42] Berendth: yep
[23:04:09] Berendth: so yeah, i was at practice for this dance
[23:04:49] Berendth: and the choreagrapher starts going off on one of her cussing storms telling us how we aren't getting mess right
[23:05:34] Berendth: but it's funny cus she doesn't give counts when choreagraphing - which is an essential part of teaching a dance to people -
[23:05:51] Berendth: so during this rant, i start taking pictures of the members of my step team
[23:06:08] Berendth: i mean she wasn't really saying anything i cared about
[23:06:15] Apple: lol
[23:06:17] Berendth: so then she gets upset cus i'm taking pictures
[23:06:28] Berendth: and she starts going off indirectly on me
[23:06:42] Berendth: so i walk over to my jacket and stuff and start to get my stuff ready
[23:07:09] Berendth: just in time for... "if y'all think taking pictures is more important than this right here, then just leave"
[23:07:12] Berendth: lol, so i did
[23:07:40] Berendth: my partner had already left, so i wasn't leaving her stuck out
[23:07:55] Berendth: and really i'm sick so i didn't want to go to practice anyway
[23:08:15] Berendth: plus i NEVER wanted to do the dance in the first place
[23:08:21] Berendth: so really it all worked out well for me
[23:08:28] Berendth: hehehe
[23:08:56] Berendth: don't be evil like me
[23:09:03] Apple: lol
[23:09:07] Apple: tsk tsk
[23:09:16] Berendth: heh heh heh
[23:10:12] Apple: are you going back?
[23:10:39] Berendth: when?
[23:10:49] Berendth: meh maybe
[23:11:00] Berendth: lol, only cus i had fun being evil
[23:11:08] Berendth: i kinda like degrading her authority
[23:11:25] Berendth: i mean in theory we all are there to help her out
[23:11:29] Apple: hehe
[23:11:30] Apple: ok ok
[23:11:32] Berendth: none of my guys want to do the dance
[23:11:45] Berendth: so it's not good for her to go off on rants like that
[23:11:51] Apple: no it isn't
[23:12:52] Apple: hehe it never is
[23:12:56] Apple: good for you for walking out
[23:13:00] Apple: i probably would have done the same

Had to be there... peace.

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