Monday, June 13, 2005

The MOS DEF-initely...

I don't know if i've logged this, but northeast mosquitos are insanely tiny yet just as annoying. This problem is only compounded by the lack of A/C up north, thus we got to put the windows up to stay cool. (Minor help staying cool, but hey, cooler is cooler.) Point is it is easily believable that they pass through the screens. This leads to that sucky paranoia where you think you are being bitten by mosquitos more than you actually are. In fact your never definitely sure that they are even in the room. Can you understand why I hate them so much? They drive you crazy. The ONLY creatures i go out of my way to kill. I actually enjoy their demise. Death to all mosquitos!! Insecticide! (This blog has no real point other than to place a new post between the last and the next one.)


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