Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fits of October

Greetings. If you have been outside (in MA) recently you might have noticed it getting COLD for no reason. Fortunately I've been inside, trying to write verses. "My degree keeps me warm at night!" ~ College Dropout
Other than that I've been chilling w/ the band. Last we watched a medley of Chappelle films. Anyway, one of them was Block Party. I shared this with the guys who mostly agreed and I share this with you know. Alot of what makes some people successful is their voice. I'm not just talking about singers, i'm talking about rappers, emcees, actors and comedians; entertainers in general if you will. For instance, Mos Def can say just about anything and it will be more amplified than most cats (i.e.> more funny, deeper, more insulting). "I don't know, Dave." Speaking of which, Dave Chappelle can say just about anything it will be amusing. I'm sure this has it's draw backs, but when ur a comedian the cons probably fall short of the pros. Snoop Dogg. Ice Cube. Notorious BIG. Bilal. Jill Scott. D'Angelo. Erykah Badu. James Earl Jones. Denzel Washington. Jaguar Wright. Black Thought. Louis Armstrong. Billie Holiday. There are many more but you get the point.
Yeah, I get complimented on my voice alot now, but I definitely want to continue to cultivate my gift 'til I like it. (As I get nicer I just set new goals.) That's how it should be though, right?

Jazzmine Sullivan... your guess is mine. I guess she's British. All I know is she be singin'!

Bilal on Leno will forever be one of my fave of his performances. Not for the vocals, cus he does WAY better, but for wildin' OUT on NBC. Thank you!! If they can't dig it... f*** 'em!!

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