Thursday, November 30, 2006

Missed opportunities...

I like to think of myself as apart from the "necessities" of society. I can live without an iPod and don't need PS3. I can go without TV, internet, and most electronics for periods (hopefully short periods) at a time; especially if I can work on music in the meanwhile.

Today however I left my phone at my girl's place. 'No biggie, I'll just find someother way to contact her when I am on my way there', I thought to myself this morning. Seeing that this eventful night I was waiting for was tomorrow I was good. Cut my hair today, went in to work on one of my off-days. (Overtime pay, and making my work-week a little easier by spreading out the load). I was good. Chillin in fact. Jammin' D'Angelo's Voodoo album all-day, also my boss brought his copy of Jay-Z's Blueprint to bump in the workroom. Coolest old Jewish dude I know.

Anyway, I get home and find out that the event was switched to tonight. Of course I missed it cus I was at work. Even though I could have left work at ANY time. Dah well, I'm sure I'll get to mingle with movie stars and other folks in their network another day; cus u know that happens all the time for me. Grrrr... phone.


Beatles, Elvis, Jay-Z or Rolling Stones.... where's Michael?

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