Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mass Funeral

Today I witnessed a record breaking site. There had to be 70 cars in this funeral procession. I know I want to be mourned when I'm gone, but not to the degree that people who did not know me hate me for impacting their normal routines/lives with my death. Unless there will be an all-out parade. With blocked off streets, etc and a real motorcade. However, maybe that will cause even more ire. "I'm sorry, I'll try harder not to die next time. Or at least try harder to be hatefully remembered." Speaking of hatefully remembered, there so many vehicles in the procession that everyone witnessing this trail of tears must have thought the following:

1> This must be every single person that has ever known this individual.

2> This person must be famous... Or infamous.

3> These people couldnt have carpooled?! Clearly they are going to the same place.

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