Saturday, April 12, 2008

Then Comes Marriage...

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Al Green - Love & Happiness

“Something that’ll make you do wrong, make you do right…”

I know this is not news anymore, but i couldn’t not speak on it (that’s my hometown favorite right there). Honestly, this makes too much sense on his part. People rarely do something that makes so much sense. I mean, yes, there is still the possibility that in the next decade we will hear that one of them f*cked up and they are getting separated. I’m sure someone is putting that headline in a file right now. In the meantime though we just saw a dude realize who the best was and lock that up. Wow, wisdom?!

For the last 6 years I been figuring it was just a matter of time til they each met other people. Also I was wondering why Jay had yet to throw a ring at her. Maybe he had (i know i would - first date; no matter how awkward), maybe she just wasn’t ready. Who cares really? I just found the acuity of it striking. They didn’t screw up (…yet?).

I mean of course this is assuming neither of them is crazy. Particularly Miss Knowles… er Mrs Carter (if i’m nasty). Though that’s inevitable. Everyone is crazy in some form or another. Usually it just gives them character. Also it doesn’t matter in those cases of matrimony ’cause their crazy works with your crazy and you are [insert Beyoncé song title - try one w/o 'in Love' for added MadLib fun].

People still fret over finding that special someone though and I tell them “Find true happiness being single and someone will come along.” I’m not sure if they mean ‘to ruin that bliss’ or are simply ‘attracted to your glow’ (Sho-Nuff). Maybe i oversimplify the advice or maybe they just don’t want to hear that, but no one ever listens to the gent that’s rarely single. What does he know? What do I know? I know that Jay-Z best not f*ck up (literally - how you upgrade from her, really?) and I bett’ not be single when he does… kidding (...not really).

New G’s. Peace.

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