Friday, July 11, 2008

The next chapter...

Alright, so Melodesiac has come to an end. Well, more like an indefinite hiatus, but a good indefinite hiatus. Cats got things they want to do. For instance, one dude moved to DC to work in politics. One of us went to Virginia. One back to Cali... Cali... Cali. eLCee is back in the Bronx with a good job. One dude may be going overseas for a year. One cat wants to work on his musicianship. One dude has a good job that sends him traveling throughout the region. One dude's been working the 9-5 game hard. And then there's me.

I've started a new band. More soulful, jazzy, mellow. Got about an EPs worth of songs ready to go. No name for the band yet but i'm open to suggestions. The best thing is the guys are actually excited to see where it goes and really like the music. As well, the band is cool cus (like Melodesiac) we all get along nicely. Last practice we spent about an hour or two after we wrapped just chillin' trading stories. It's nice to have cats you can do that with: laugh together, hang together. Means that even if y'all don't feel my music, i'ma have a good time jammin' for my d*mn self. I'll keep you posted. Promise.


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