Thursday, December 04, 2008

NFL star Burress faces gun charge | BBC News

Couldn't we make it the rest of the year without a Fail?

Synopsis: (BBC News) - The US football star who scored the winning touchdown in this year's Super Bowl faces criminal charges after shooting himself by accident.

Plaxico Burress, who plays for the New York Giants, has been charged with possession of a loaded firearm, which is illegal in the city.

If found guilty he could receive a prison sentence.

He is the latest player to be arrested, further damaging the reputation of the National Football League NFL.

Earlier this year Plaxico Burress was a key member of the New York Giants team which won the Super Bowl, the most prestigious prize in American sport.

He caught the winning touchdown pass in a narrow victory over the New England Patriots. In September he signed a $35m £23m contract which would keep him at the Giants for the next five years.

But his future as a player is now in jeopardy.

He faces a possible prison sentence after shooting himself in the leg by accident in a Manhattan nightclub. In New York possession of a loaded hand gun carries an automatic jail term of three-and-a-half years.

The city's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said there should be no exceptions.

"I don't think anybody should be exempt from that and I think it would be an outrage if we didn't prosecute to the fullest extent of the law particularly people who live in the public domain, make their living because of their visibility," he said. "They are the role models for our kids."

Bad behaviour

The episode has highlighted an embarrassing trend for the National Football League.

Many of the incidents have been alcohol related, but a growing number of the offences concern firearms.

The NFL has implemented steps designed to protect its integrity. There is a code of conduct. Players who have broken it have been suspended without pay.

But it does not seem to have halted the pattern of bad behaviour amongst some of the League's high profile stars.

The situation prompted one online bookmaker to post odds on which NFL player would be the first to get arrested this season.

The Dallas Cowboys star Adam "Pacman" Jones was the favourite. He has been arrested six times since he joined the NFL in 2005.

It seems players appearing in court or going to jail could become more the norm than the exception.

(Source: BBC NEWS | Americas | NFL star Burress faces gun charge.)


Well, I guess we only did ask til November 5th before brothas/sistas resumed doing stupid ish. From my understanding the Burress shot himself in the leg whilst trying to keep the gun from falling through his sweatpants. ::sigh:: But hey, lesson learned. I'm mean hopefully he doesn't have to shoot himself to learn all his lessons but still I imagine the logic has been etched in his brain (or at least his leg).

Which brings me to my real beef with the situation; Michael Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg feels Burress should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. You know, the whole "set an example" BS mixed with the 'anti-celebrity privilege' sentiment. Now the 'full extent' would put the brotha in jail for 3 1/2 years. Is that really necessary? Burress already embarrassingly shot himself in the leg. I think that plus a hefty fine and some community service should be punishment enough. This is on top of injuring one of those two legs he needs to maintain his livelihood as a star NFL wide receiver. I mean dude is set up to be ridiculed for the rest of his life. Hell, I'm sure more people know him for this attempt at a Darwin Award rather than his Super Bowl win. And I'm sure Bloomberg had nothing but praise for Burress when he was winning New York that Lombardi trophy but now he is quick to put a noose up for the brotha. Dang. Remind me to take any praise from that Mayor with a grain ... shoot... a gallon of suspicion. Bloomberg acts like the brotha tried to shoot him or something. I mean it's cool to play politics and all, but not with jail time. Bad form, Smee. Bad form.

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