Monday, May 25, 2009

First Financial Bank, Experts at Committing Credit Card Fraud

(Courtesy: Matthew Miller)
I've been trying to close my First Financial Credit card for three months now. It all started when I got a bill with a positive balance. As their customer service was closed when I opened the bill, and the car had carried a zero balance for a number of months, I reported an unauthorized transaction.

The charge was later revealed to be an "Annual membership fee."

Over the next couple months, despite repeated calls to cancel the account and promises that the charges would be reversed, I got another bill for January 2008. [more]

I didn't even want their card, but my mom insisted I get it when I was 18. I agreed on the condition that she pay for it. I don't know if she even missed a payment but the harrassment calls started. After resolving everything, I could have sworn we closed the account but apparrently not. Recently the calls started again. One around 10am, another around 4pm and usually one more around dinner time.

Numbers they "can be reached at":
786 217 9720
218 940 5230
281 668 5176

I seriously hate them and encourage everyone to report them to the BBB. Love Bank of America though. Never been called by them unless it was something useful like stopping fraudulent charges from Kyrgyzstan. WaMu was great when it existed as well.

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