Thursday, December 08, 2005

Me vs. XCP...

Yeah, so you know that CD you love to listen to on your computer cus you never really bought a nice radio for a couple hundred dollars. Well, you check your Task Manager to see what processes are running and realize that $sys$DRMdrivers.exe is running. That's odd.
Then it hits you. Sony put spyware on my computer. So you look around the web on why that .exe is running. You find it's a program called XCP that is basically spyware for the company. Also you find that deleting it can be risky.
Thus I nearly kayrowed my computer this weekend trying to delete it. However reinstalling a couple of programs should put things straight. I'm already back on AIM. Sidenote: the new AIM is evil. It just isn't as tight as the last version. Plus all the new graphics are just too extra. Basically they tried to hard. Yep.
Anyway, I think I have beaten XCP. I will find out whenever all the scans are done. Spyware is evil!!! Well, that's that and i'm out.


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