Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bill Napoli hates America

Bill is the kind of person who yearns for the good-ole days. The days when entire neighborhoods came together to do what was right. That being said... Bill is exactly the kind of person who scares me. Bill is the reason most nations hate us and why Bush is STILL president. (Insert a rant about how one administration can have two of the greatest disasters in the nation's history and still go out with a high approval rating.)
Anyway, the reason Billy scares me is because the good-ole days which he so loved were probably the 50s. I don't know if you paid attention in your history class, but the 50s weren't exactly among the better decades of my people. In fact, I can't say we've been doing so hot in the last half of a millenium. But if ole Billy gets his way... to the back of the bus we go. (Clearly that wasn't the worst it ever was, but I'm sure Bill wouldn't mind that.) It probably eats at his core to have to participate in a society that nominates movies like Crash and Brokeback Mountain for prestigious entertainment awards. He probably can't stand that his offspring can recognize 50 Cent faster than Buddy Holly. Honestly, can't say that I'm too keen on that one myself, but it doesn't really phase me to the extent it does him.
Where in "conservation" is there anything about "regression"? Aren't these right-wing fundamentalists supposed to be keeping things as they are rather than as they were? You can't "conserve" something as it "was"!! That makes no sense and in that case neither does Bill Napoli. Let's keep this bus we call a nation moving forward. Leaders have to move in front, patna!

Courtesy of Jes: Bill Napoli Video

Actually... let's amend that to "Peace & Understanding"!

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