Friday, March 24, 2006


Yeah, so I'm going to really ask time to slow down. I've been at work everyday for the past week cus one my co-workers "resigned" leaving the boss and I. Guess who's getting overtime; well, barely cus I had 10hrs buffer before overtime, but I crossed that threshold. Oh yeah... thus leaving me tired.

Did a show on Tuesday night (3/21) at Harper's Ferry. Not really "my" show, but more-so a substitute show for what would otherwise be a missed gig for the band. I don't think there was one song I did where I didn't flip the words somehow. Only one/two people actually noticed though. In fact it was actually REALLY fun. Maybe the most fun I've had at a show in a long time.

I have resolved also that I need to make a point to warm-up before each show. I thought I had a sore-throat from quickly and quietly practicing just before arriving at the venue. But it turns out that what I think is 'straining my voice' before a show is actually 'my voice warming up'. For instance, this show I didn't actually warm up... thus my voice didn't really start to open up until the last song (Mos Def - Umi Says). It's not good to show that you can sing circles around yourself, LoL. it begs the question... "what does that say about you?"

The pay off though was a huge compliment. At the end of the headlining band's set they launched into a freestyle. Not like hip-hop but just a tune they made up there and the vocalist just sang whatever came to mind. Within that, she spent a good 32 bars (musically a long time) on how much she loves my voice and what it 'does to her'. I mean that is cool were anyone to say it, but definitely cool coming from another singer. It's respect from someone who is passionate about the same thing you do. It's the true value behind a Grammy. So that made my night (as well as performing cus i love performing). I hereby encourage all you to spend some time on your passion right now.

That's my word.

In case you were wondering. The band.

I hope that I will be able to save the moment I have to respond to ignorance and that I enjoy my response as much as I enjoyed this one:
"If You Have Big Nose, You Shouldn't Call People Niggers"

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