Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mr. Robber's Neighborhood...

So I tried to take a diff bus home from a different (but closer) subway station and wound up walking home. Why?! Because apparently the bus stops running at 7pm on Saturday nights... HOW GERIATRIC IS THAT?!
Anyway, on the walk home I found out some things that helped me better understand where I live:

1.> People keep their cable dishes inside their home down the streets. Take time to let the "why" of that action marinate...

2.> There is a trailer park a couple streets away from me. Slightly disturbing to a Black man; especially having to walk past it at night. Imagine the scene. I was praying that no one notices that there is a new "colored" in the vicinity.

3.> True to form not even 2 miles away from the trailers are the upper-middle class homes (and city hall). I hesitate to call them fancy cus i've seen some NICE joints in my day, but I would say they are among the best I've seen in the surrounding cities.

Yeah... I am about the only Black person I see around the area. Seen some dark Dominicans though, and there are alot of Latinos in general... so I'm not worried about someones pent up rage over the advancements of 1964.
However supposedly someone did try to break in downstairs.

Peace & prosperity.

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