Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Springingest...

Alright, so remember I told you we (Melodesiac) won the Battle of the Bands to open the Tufts Spring Fling. Well, that (Spring Fling) was today. I was simply happy to experience another Spring Fling. Well... until I did. After we played and then chilled with friends & associates for a bit then it just became a waiting game.
Waiting for... entertainment. This had to be the most relaxed Spring Fling ever. Relaxed is the wrong word. More like just damn lazy. Folks were just sitting around. Everything was at best describable as "aight".

How were the acts? "Aight"
How was the crowd? "Aight"
How was the food? "Aight"
How were the booths? "Aight"
How was the weather? "Aight"
Wanna attend again? "Aight"

Cus that's exactly what this was... the Spring Fling to re-establish Spring Fling. Not the "damn, that was off the hook" one, but the "sure... we should do that again" one. The one where nothing really went wrong cus we didn't aim that high. Which is probably exactly what it should have been. Another flop could have ended Spring Fling all-together. We found out that the torrential down pour that usually abolishes Spring Fling was held off this time until May 9; a bitter-sweet convenience of global warming.

Dah be it!

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