Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jackson gives up Neverland ranch | BBC NEWS

Synopsis:(BBC) - Pop star Michael Jackson has lost ownership of his Neverland ranch in California after transferring the deeds to a company he has a share in.

Earlier this week, Jackson, 50, filed legal papers making the Sycamore Valley Ranch Company the new owner.

The company is linked to investment firm Colony Capital, which bailed the singer out in March when he owed $24.5m (£16m) on the property.

When it bought the debt, Neverland was a week away from being auctioned off.

The refinancing deal had meant that Jackson could keep the sprawling property.

Jackson, whose huge catalogue of hit records includes Billie Jean, Thriller and Man in the Mirror, has not lived at Neverland since he was acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005.

Fantasy land

It is not clear what will now happen to the property, which he bought in 1987.

The property, which Jackson aimed to turn into a fantasy land, is named after an island in the story Peter Pan, where children never grow up.

He built a zoo and fairground on the 2,800 acre 1,100 hectare property which is north west of Santa Barbara.

It was closed in 2006 after Jackson failed to pay his staff or maintain proper insurance.

(Source: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Jackson gives up Neverland ranch.)


This just seems wrong. Then again, I've always felt the same about the ranch itself.

Though, what other residence so perfectly displays the enigma that is MJ? And, who is just chillin' living next door to Neverland? How weird must that be?

Also, I've always wondered what would happen if MJ got with Mariah Carey. Who would regress to the younger age? Currently, she's stuck on 13 (butterflies, rainbows, charm bracelets, etc - though moving up to 15 with Nick Cannon), and Jackson is stuck on 11.

Things that make you go "hmmmmm".

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