Saturday, September 10, 2005

Follical follies

So... tonight I have crossed another milestone of life. Having purchased the necessary equipment earlier today, tonight I cut my own hair. It was past due. One day I may grow my hair out, but my hair is like a girlfriend that I don't exactly work well with. At first, it's great, then not so much. I start to ignore the problem, and keep busy. Then i start to look for ways out. In this case, I was stuck. My boy that usually cuts my hair is not coming back to MA. And all my other dome chopping chums are MIA. Thus I was left to me. I don't trust other people cutting my head anyway, unless it's for near nothing. My favorite moment was when i essntially had a mohawk. Neverthe less I am cute now. As well, I cleaned up the evidence quite well, so it would be hard to tell where I cut my hair. I'm very sneaky. Anyway, you should see me so you could marvel at my one-handed, tiny-mirror-using, hair-cutting skills. Not like i'm a total novice, I've cut another person's hair... multiple times. Me do good. Me look pretty one day.


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