Monday, September 19, 2005

"Toot Toot go down the hole..."

So a couple of mornings ago I wake up before everyone, BS on my computer for a bit then go potty. As usual the toilet handle is unresponsive to ur usual gentle twist. THough I never touch a toilet handle with more than one or two fingers, cus you don't know who does what and such. So... yeah... usually all it takes is a gentle push past a certain point and voila. Today, not so much. In fact, not at all.
You can hear the start of what would be the flush but the handle has turned all that it can turn. So I lift the lid and just raise the lever that pushing the handle usually raises, and of course the toilet flushes and I go on my way. Now part of me hoped that those who followed me would do as I did, but this was not to be. I heard another get up and use the restroom. they seemed to have a bit more difficulty than I did. Then I went to sleep. When I awoke I heard others fumble with the bathroom. Yet eventually they all seemed to emerge victorious in their experience.
I came to find out that unlike me, someone used a bit of excessive force in their attempt to expel their excriment. Now the same lever that was so securely attached before was now in the murky depth of the plumbing water. One of the house guest had fashioned a hook from a wire hanger. I hereby introduce our new handle. Being the least bothered by it, i passively wait for the next outing to go purchase a new handle. I already know that I will be the one who has to fix it. I just wish I could have therefore been the one to have broken it. Though i never want to claim poverty because I don't intend to stay in a poor state of mind, I can easily understand the "Broke Phi Broke" skits on Late Registration (Kanye's sophomore album).
WE FLUSH OUR TOILET WITH A HANGAR!!! LOL, mayn that's ghetto!! I'ma put this in a song somehow.


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