Friday, September 09, 2005


Can I tell you that I love my people? We just keep on going. No help from anybody, ever. We get sh*tted on and keep on moving up. We are destined for greatness.
My favorite member right now is Kanye West. I've always liked him; especially the more others dislike him cus I think he is more real than most of the cats you see. Even the mere fact that he takes time to point out his own hypocrisy is distinctly noble to me. Aside from that I'm even more pleased with his recent stance on the current situation. Mainly because he has a STANCE meaning he hath taken a STAND. I like it when folks are like "f*ck my endorsements, this sh*t is foul!" People are rich enough already, why should those in power hold back? They should be the first ones calling for change. Especially since so many of the rest of us follow them. Keep an eye on Diddy, I would not be surprised if he runs for political office in the future.
In the meantime visit the BET Saving Our Selves site. If you can't give anything monetary, at least send up a prayer.

Mos Def - Umi Says

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