Monday, January 23, 2006

Jobba the Hutt
(Backlog pt. I)

So as of January 5th I started my new job at a retail store in the airport. Yes, I could have gotten a better job, but I didn't want to have to think or have something to do when I left. I wanted to clock in, do some BS, then clock out and get paid. That's what i found. Not only that, i'm overpaid in my opinion. Who ever heard of $9/hr for retail? But i'm happy there. That's all that matters.

Now, this company is run like a company i owned would probably function. On the surface it appears precize to the T (plug). But beneath that, it is very formless. Kind of a 'whoever sees something that needs to be done should get it done or tell someone who can get it done' atmosphere. Which works... so long as people do things. Of course not everyone does, but you tolerate them for a few strikes and then their out. Leaving hopefully the people who are on the ball.
Let's start with my boss. We'll call her 'C-Murder', just cus it's fun that way. Now I can roll with C-Meezy cus she doesn't BS around. Like if the technique worked with customers i'd swear she'd ask them straight up when they walked in, "You gone buy something or you just pussyfootin' around." I can roll with that, cus it saves time. Also she's a Steelers fan to such a degree that you actually get interested in the game too. Oh, and she's one of those people who can't have a "Hi, Bye" phone call... meaning she has to at least say a couple of paragraphs then peace-out. Which is commendable but not necessary with me.
The 2nd tier bosses (her bosses) are fun. Now I don't know everyone's role, but there is a merchandiser, a tech guy, an operations dude, and a bookkeeper (but i never met her). They are all fun, they kinda play hot potato with the tasks that need to be done, but eventually mess gets done. Maybe not on time, but eventually. And usually they have a good excuse, except the tech dude, he's just MIA all the time (maybe we'll find out why one day).
The 1st tier boss is the coolest mofo in the game. We'll call him Nas, cus he seems "hood" (for an Israeli immigrant) but can easily drop some knowledge on you. Also, dude is funny as hell, but smart funny. You have to know stuff or at least be quick to get his jokes, but they'll have you rollin'. AND dude is ballin' so he pays for everything. We went to lunch ... it was on him. We went to dinner... it was on him. Next day same thing. I had to go buy some extra supplies last minute (cus someone below him f-ed up and didn't order it in the 4 months that they knew they were opening the Boston store) and he whips out the cash like, "What do you need? Pick yo president. I didn't know I had bills this small. What are they doing here? Take them away."

So I'm a "key holder" which seems basically their way of saying "manager in training" which I can roll with. It also explains the pay. The first day was spent unpacking the merchandise and putting it up on the fixtures. As well as assembling a few of the fixtures. I know I spent a few hours folding the pashminas. I feel personally responsible for how pimp they look. The next day was more of the same. Of course after that was the whole learn our means of operations. By Saturday at 4PM we were opening the gate for the first time. Then came the crash course, how to open, how to ring sales, assist customers, how to close. Which meant working 14hr days for the first 3 days (if not more) but we pulled in 38hrs in 3 days. "Genarate money. Ch-ching."

So... yeah... two careers, one income.
"She gives me money, when I'm in need..." ~ Ray Charles ("I've Got A Woman")

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