Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Re-pimping

If you have noticed, I have been rather absent on the blog as of late. Heck, from the internets (plural, lol) period. But no more, why, because I have Microsoft 2000 (Professional) again. See, I engaged in a war with my computer. It then proceeded to basically b*tch me. Whatever it did, I had to put up with. Then I got a bootleg copy of windows. Which wasn't that bootleg, but it was not as useful as my re-installation disk. So then I was winning, except for this "Please Activate Windows" but each time i went to do so... it said "Already Activated". I paid the countdown no attention. "21 Days Left to activate". Uh huh... "12 Days Left to Activate". Started to be like a countdown to New Years. Then the big day came. And that's when I realized that i had been re-enb*tched. Yep. Couldn't log in without activation, and you couldn't activated cus it said "Already Activated". Then logged you out. Yep. So i conceded that battle and ordered a new 2000 disk from I used Knoppix 2.0 in the mean time, which was cool-ish minus that it would kill my computer whenever u stopped using it. As in turn the power on and nothing happens. Except a small acknowledgement that ur comp has power.
The 2000 CD, however, arrived a day early; pimp. Installed it real easy; pimp. Had all the important old files, program installation files, internet favorites, and important pictures burned on a ReWriteable; pimp. And now I've cleaned all the BS from my college days that was still lingering around in here without fighting the little bit of pack rat in me; pimp. All hail the reinstallation disk. Mwa ha ha ha ha.

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