Sunday, February 19, 2006

Run Train, Patna!!

It's a warm evening. Super suprising for East Boston (as well as the region). I got out of work early enough that I had time to grab a snack before going to wait for the shuttle. I ate my snack, and it seemed a little more delicious tonight. Then I gathered my things and went to wait on the shuttle. Soon after I get there it shows. Tonight is going marvellously well. I mean I have the day off tomorrow, everything could take as long as it wants to, but no it's being super-nice to me tonight. Thank you. So as I get on the shuttle I see a couple people eyeing me, but it's no biggie, I'm singing in my head. Smile on my face. THEN the moment of truth. Will the train come in a timely fashion so that i don't have to wai...
OH SNAP!! There it is... No!! No!! To early, run... I can make it. I can make it. I'm in the station door as it stops. People are leaving the train as I pass through the gate. Warning bell of door closing as I sprint and make a world-series slide right into a closed door. THUD!! As I bounce off the train I watch it pull away without me, lol. "NO SOUP FOR YOU!!" Now all the people behind me file in. They know. And they know I know that they know.
Imagine "Grant Hill drinks sprite?!" times two.



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