Saturday, September 02, 2006

You are where you eat...

Now, aside from the title being a pun, it of course ties into the following. I was in my girl's dorm and I went to the Men's room. In the stall I was a neatly placed menu to a restaurant. Now, surely I want to believe they didn't actually place them here among the plethora of advertising litter they dispersed, but you never know. My thing is if they did, it illuminates why they are failing compared to the other restaurants in the area. They've essentially associated their product with sh*t. Which could be pulled off if they were saying "We're the sh*t," but they weren't.
As a consumer, I like a certain amount of thought to be put into the advertising. I will buy from a company i can intellectually respect even if they are just honest in their lack of individuality in the market. What pulls me away is of course then the opposite. I don't think it's just me eithr. Then again as a consumer I could easily represent a few thousand like-minded consumers. For instance, though the character itself was popular, I don't think it was wise for Taco Bell to choose a Chihuahua as their mascot when their meat already tasted funny and looked like dog food. I would have gone in a direction a bit sooner than they did. Granted i'm sure they probably got a lot of business based on the popular association. However, it's not like Burger King using a King. A no-brainer AND funny. Hence, why they are still pimpin'.
Strangely enough, I rarely think about the YKK on my zipper when i'm using it.

YKK on yo' zipper...

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