Saturday, August 26, 2006

Keep in Touch...

Ok, so apparently I need to contact my family more. Alot more... I'm talking with my mom now who is apparently in her hometown. Supposedly my cousin (near my age) got married, is in Germany, and may live in Utah. My grandma just got over acute arthritis. I mean, yeah she is fine, but I almost didn't find out. Crazy! Ha ha ha.
Really I blog about this cus I am just overwhelmed by what else I could not know about my family. Not strangers, my family. Blood. Though my cousin trips me out cus it's like man... is it getting that time already. I feel like I haven't even been here (in existence) that long. I should really get cracking on the rest of these goals then. My time shall be extended. Bloggito, done.


Arthritis is not a game. Grandma is a soldier though. Preacher's wife.

Donnie is a sadly overlooked vocalist.

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