Saturday, May 17, 2008

Badass of the Moment: Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice

That's right, Kimbo f*ckin' Slice!!

Now, there are some cats you know you'd rather not fight if you can avoid it. Sure you'd try if you had to but you know you wouldn't win. Like Mike Tyson... he has made it clear that he wants to eat your children. Maybe it's that slight bit of crazy that puts a dude into the category. For instance, Kimbo Slice.

Granted, I wouldn't be surprised if he was a perfectly reasonable member of society. Seen a video or two where he looks after a dude he just waylayed, makes sure the cat is as alright as 'knocked-the-f*ck-out' can be. As well, i'm sure he has his fighting weaknesses, probably including stamina. I don't know. But apparently being a b*tch ain't one. In fact, dude almost wants to get hit.

Nothing is more emasculating than punching a guy with everything you got and watching yo' fist simply bounce off his chin. [Pause - dare you to say that last sentence any other way sans "punching" and "fist" without it sounding homo-erotic.] What do you do in response to that though? (Skipping the "grab a brick" line of thought.) Kimbo is making his foray into the world of MMA (mixed martial arts) better known as Ultimate Fighting to the masses. Last i checked he's still undefeated. Wonder why? Dude was wreckin' shop in streets fights. Now his opponents have rules to follow. Good luck!!

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