Wednesday, May 07, 2008

NOW You're Older...

chocolate bday cake

Did anyone ever appreciate the ‘one to grow on’?

Just a quick thought. It’s funny how people act like they aren’t a year older until their birthday… as if they haven’t been aging for the last 11 months. Funny, yet understandable. After about 21, you stop having that desire to be one year older. Personally, if i could work out some Highlander-ish immortality at age 26 I’d be set. (I imagine the cat that realizes he’s immortal at 86 is just pissed off.)

Maybe those old people you keep being surprised aren’t dead yet are immortal and just haven’t reached that ‘f*ck it’ stage yet. I’m sure most people don’t have the patience to be old for eternity. Hence the world record for age. They real feat is not that you fought off death that long, oh no… it’s that you could stand to be that old for yet another year. Ain’t nothing new under the sun, yet you stuck around for the ’same ole different day’ anyway. Bravo. Clearly you had a vast stock of patience that you were in no rush to burn through. (No pun intended.)

I’ve always been amused by the sitcom character of the elderly person somewhat bitter they are still alive. They aren’t suicidal, just tired of the majority of life. So they wake up and cuss more before dawn than you may all day. (Old folks wake up EARLY.) They have a few pleasures left, but the rest passed on far before their host; leaving a mind tired of thinking, a smile tired of smiling, and a person generally exhausted of the common niceties feigned as part of civility. Thus you have … your grumpy old man.

(As opposed to your dirty old man, whom you probably have a good idea who that will be right now… don’t you? ::shouting as Herbert:: "There can be only one!")

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