Friday, May 23, 2008

Hold up?! Lindsay Lohan is signed to Motown?!!!*


Hmm, how do i say this…. oh right…. “WHAT THE F*CK?!!”
My how you’ve fallen Motown. There are SO many artist that should be carrying the legacy of Motown. I mean sure… Lohan… cash cow… if you got the time and materials. But at what cost, Motown?! At what cost?!

Granted, somebody has to profit off of her. Hell, i’ll even promote the reverse-oppression of the black label sending the white girl out to trick on stage then bring that dollar home (essentially pimpin’… with what we’ll call … music?!) That’s fine, they (the melanin-deficient) stole and mangled all the styles of music we created so why not bank off their efforts. (In this case, collect royalties from a Lohan.) “Royalties… like the reparations we never had”. Anyway, that aside… what are you doing Motown?! I mean … you’re Motown. You birthed the sounds of America. Name an iconic artist from the 60’s or thereafter that wasn’t influenced by you. That means even your contemporaries bit off your sound; you changed the game - not always improving but we’ll hit that another time. Motown, whole genres were birthed under your roofs. The people who inspired the people who move the world today made themselves in your studios. Granted you fell on some hard times… particularly the late 80s. You, we all let Teena Marie slide. But dang… Lindsey Lohan?! Is it like that now?! When we ain’t running Motown* then what do we have left? I mean if we are trading Motown for the White House let me know. I’d gladly give up another shelved album from someone I actually want to hear (important qualifier) for some peace of mind during those 3AM phone calls. D*mn shame though. Aight, y’all place your bets on the year Motown will be completely assimilated. Peace. Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-it a minute! (Isley “Shout” style) Now i’m sure any other blog including Lindsey Lohan recently will be about her appearance in “Everybody Nose” by N.E.R.D. seemingly promoting substance abuse. Yep, the three-time rehabitant in the ‘drug video’. Here at AfroThought, we aren’t even concerned with that. That’s publicity stunt 101. She has a new album that is due out in the near future so she clearly wants to stay in Pharrell’s good graces to get the requisite Neptunes track (sup, Chad). Also N.E.R.D. is clearly promoting their new album, they say ‘Hey, since she’s around, throw Lohan in the video; that’ll get some attention’. Publicity-wise, you have to give all parties included some props. In fact, even i’m writing a blog about this. Hold up! I gotta go, i just realized i am writing a blog about Lindsey Lohan, meaning there must be something i’m neglecting in my life. I swear i have one; really.

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