Tuesday, May 03, 2005

School's out for ever!!!

Today.... oh Today.... today was a joyous day for me. Today was the last day of classes EVER! I will never again suffer through such institutionalized torture against my will. So long i've been a student; no more. It is an interesting crux. I nearly don't know how to identify myself. Not in greetings, but more so in the sense that school has been a given for so long, it seems odd to be without it. Like getting a cast removed after breaking your limb. You are happy to have it gone, but it was cozy inside. Well, I shall find my comfort in sleep. What remains is a deceptively high bar known as finals. I feel like I don't have jack to do, when in reality I have nearly half a semester's work to catch up on, a 25-page paper to complete, and an original project to finish. Feels like nothing, as if somoene asked me to run a mile for a billion dollars. I'm like ... "that's all", attempting to deny the fact that I don't run very often. Enough about me, how are you doing? So long we've been in school and now not? What is up?

Oh, for all of you who care, I talked to steven. His commencement was today I believe, or yesterday. I think yesterday. He is moving in to his new place w/ his roommate, somewhere in OK. I couldn't tell you specifics, it's all OK to me. I am glad he's doing well though.

Bah dah dahdah...

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