Monday, May 09, 2005

The Translator...

The morning of my birthday, I walked from the southeast end of campus to the northeast end to start work on a final project. I get to the comp sci building and realize that I can't get in because I gave a friend my ID. So i call them and ask them if i can come pick it up from their place (the southwest side of campus). It's agreed. I start walking over to her spot. At the top of the hill, I see a gentlemen coming down a side street to my right, and this lady emerges from the building to my left looking for attention as if she is supposed to meet him. "Sir" she exclaims, "Sir! Can you help me?" I look to my right at the gentleman before I realize that she is addressing me. She's frazzled and hurried. It's currently 9:52AM = She explains that she is looking for the American Translators Association certification exam. So I let her know that I honestly had no idea what she was talking about but would see if I could help her. I'm from Texas, we have an inherent hospitality.
9:53AM = We check the largest room in the building she came from (she hadn't checked there yet).
9:54AM = I called my homegirl who was going to open the Campus Center at 10AM to see if she possible was there a bit early and could let us in, "No, but i'll be there in two minutes." she said. So we head down to the Campus Center to meet her.
9:54AM = I call Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) to ask if they know about any exams on campus since they are supposed to be given a list of all room reservations. They tell me they don't know anything about it.
9:56AM = At the Campus Center we wait for about 2 minutes and then the lady (obvioiusly getting more and more frantic) so she suggests that we go to the Dining Hall where she originally got the information to go to the wrong building. So we go there.
9:58AM = The lady talks with some manager in the back who resolves to call TUPD just as I had, this time he puts the french lady on the phone. She askes and they quickly respond.
10:01AM = The lady wants to run to Cabot to catch the start of the exam. She can't run nearly as well as I can, so i feel bad cus I don't want to burn off, but I don't want to just be lightly jogging along side her like I don't take her problem seriously. So i suggest that I will run ahead and find the room its in then come get her. Agreed.
10:04AM = Found the room, go back get her, she goes in talks to the test administrator and explains her situation. Everything is good, and I go off on my business.

I'm nice.

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