Sunday, July 17, 2005

Him & Her

The other day my girl, my friend, and I went out to eat. We are there going through conversation when this couple walks in. The woman caught my attention cus from periphial vision she was fine. But in the two seconds of a glance you get when you have a girlfriend I noticed something. I took another glance, but the friend saw me so i just tell them straight up. "I think that woman is a man."

Of course this halts all conversation, you can't just let that mess slide by the wayside. So they both break they necks looking. But they can only see her ... him... him/her from the back. So we engage in speculation and excuses.

They get a few more brief stares in and after a while they agree that she's:

Wearing a wig
Cain't walk in heels to save her life
Has an odd lack of curves
Has a strong jawline

By the time the couple left the girls had convinced themselves that him/her was not "all woman". I don't think any is wrong, it just caught my attention. Honestly, i think it's cute that they found each other. Unless he doesn't know. Then he's in for the SERIOUS surprise. Maybe he thinks she's fine and that's why folks are staring. You never know, but i know that i would love to see that moment of truth.

Dat's it.

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