Saturday, July 16, 2005

Decision Makers...

So apparently NASA had to call off a launch recently because a portion of the ship that manages fuel consumption was damaged. The chance of fatality in the mission was just shy of certain. From there NASA deliberated 5mins then decided to call off the launch. My thing is...

...what about 'certain death' takes 5 minutes to scrap.

Nasa Launch Staff (Harry): Well it looks like we have a problem. There's about a 50% chance the shuttle will expunge it's fuel and drop back to the earth.

Nasa Staff (Norman): "Hmmm..."

(Harry): "Geez. 50%. Should we send them or not, there's got to be a way to decide this. Screw it. Anybody got a quarter, we'll flip for it... Anybody..."

(Norman): "Wake up people... quarter... got one?"

(Harry): "You seriously going to tell me no one has a quarter. Oh my ... who are you people?! Screw it, let's do ODDs and EVENs. Alright, call it. Odds or even?"

(Norman): "Ummm... evens."

(Harry): "OK."

:: They shake and throw out the fingers. ::

(Harry): "Norm, that's three fing... You've never played ODDs and EVENs have you?! Great! You're a freaking rocket scientist... You know what?! Screw it!! NO LAUNCH!"

... rocket scientists.

That has to be the most pimp thing you can say... "Yeah, I'm a rocket scientist."


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