Friday, July 22, 2005

Get Lifted... (Short Version)

Saw De La Soul, Common & John Legend in concert. It was great. Basically me, Zach Raynor, and Major Johnson (two singers I know) went. So you know we were just singing all night long and having a great time. Rahzel kicked it off holding it down. Then De La Soul got the hands in the air. Common put on a great show, even breakdancing (windmills and everything). Then John Legend killed it (more or less) just sanging all your favorite tunes from the album and a few other amenities like the Selfish (remix). Then we went to the after party because another singer we know (Lee Wilson) was performing. And then we just hung out cracking jokes and chilling with some folks, it was a blast. I love musicians and people who love music. Also, i really like concerts... and earplugs.
May earplugs reign.


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