Friday, July 29, 2005

I've HAD IT (my way)...

Alright, i can't take it anymore. I am straight up tired of Burger King's ignorant *ss commercials. Really?! Ask Black people before you market to them. What dumb*ss do you have working for you that you thought "Rebel Unit". I mean sure the chicken on dubs was bad, but you learn to let some ignorant mess slide. After a while it's like a neighbors dog that keeps trying to hump your leg. There only so much that you can tolerate. I don't know if it's true but folks say you gotta kick them in the nuts. Well, I REALLY want to kick Burger King in the nuts right now. Like one of those good cock back and then run and drop kick the mess out of 'em deals. Of course this isn't the most ignorant mess on TV but it sure does irk you. Keep watching TV, maybe you'll understand.
Big ups to The Daily Show, Adult Swim and especially Chappelle's Show (slowly slipping in good sense to the fold).


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