Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Super, man...

On this rainy day, I will see "Superman Returns". Which I'll probably write about tomorrow. Though for now I can tell you what I do know. I will be watching this movie in a packed theater. (I spell it "theater" when talking about movies and "theatre" when speaking on stage performances.)

The reason I bring this up is because I actually loathe watching movies when other people are around (excluding friends - not to exceed five in quantity, else it's the same problem). People talk. Why?! I don't know. Movies don't ask you to say anything. In fact, they explicitly ask you NOT to say anything.
Sidenote: "Inconsiderate cell-phone man" was SO great, bravo, encore.

But yeah, I like having a theatre nearly to myself (and maybe 20 strangers). I go see movies at like 2-3pm in the afternoon for this purpose. I guess because I feel I REALLY respect the art of film and to talk through it is unfair to you who subjected yourself to the experience as well as the crews who toiled over the project. That's just me though. So to avoid the ingrates I go to movies at odd times.

See you anywhere but the movies!

Ace reporter Valerin has discovered this story citing the inanity of the news: - Senator seeks tax on pimps, prostitutes - Jun 27, 2006

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