Monday, June 26, 2006

No line, just unemployed...

I've been unemployed for a week now. I think of it like a taste of what writing full time will be like. So far, the only thing missing is performing on the weekends. But next weekend we're playing the regional finals of the Emergenza Battle of the Bands. So that will be tight.
For now, I spend most of my days coming up w/ music and lyrics if not finishing whatever I came up with in the days past. I'm already into a third song (of the new batch - I have others).

Outside of music, my girl bought Resident Evil. I played it, beat it. Which is bad, cus I really try not to play THAT many games now, cus I know I won't put it down til it's finished. And when I finish them I'm always like... now what?! What will I do now that my sole purpose for breathing has fallen into the limbo that is my past?! Ok, not that dramatic, but you get the point.

Anyway as not to sound completely slothful I shall inform you that I checked up on the job I want and they said they will probably have an opening in a week or two. Til then I'm all about the World Cup. I mean it isn't my fault that I resigned just as the World Cup began. :-) (I know that is completely false but play along.) Brazil is my fave, but I really want Ghana to do well. Anyway, i'm going to get back to writing/watching. I really meant to blog about my beef w/ spiders right now, but tangents rule.

Cosine, bizl!!

?uestlove's Blog has become a must read for me now. I like knowing there are more of 'us' out there. If you know who 'us' is go read and enjoy.

Jay-Z makes one small step for Hip-Hop... (Pun aversion program.)

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