Thursday, June 22, 2006

The rebirth of a meantime...

Alright, so if you've noticed, i haven't been blogging alot recently. Usually like three times a month. The reason is that everytime I want to blog it feels like such a task; expounding massive amounts of mental energy to deliver a lengthy blog on brief topics.
For example, topics like my departure from the "Eco-thugs", or why Spiderman is the only spider-related entity i can stand right now can henceforth fall into much shorter blogs (bloggitos, if you will - which you shouldn't). I'll explain about the spiders in subsequent posts (probably later on today since I don't have a job now.)

In other news I've started another blog on the MySpace page for my music. Basically just to chronicle the journey i've enbarked on. Nothing particularly special, though it will get more interesting from here. Also, i'll probably start throwing in links to stuff below my posts like Jes does. In fact let's end this here.


Prison is the continuation of slavery!

When I think of feminism, Wonder Woman is the last figure to come to mind... maybe i'm off.

I met Ryan Leslie way back when he was focusing on himself as an artist cus Zach Raynor dragged me to a club performance, but so far my favorite thing from him is his video blog. It gives me jollies.

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