Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is TV negative? Depends on what you watch.

However the example of the Reality TV show where the family that was moved to Montana and stripped of technology seemed to miss the single cause for their new bond which was spending time together as a family. In addition to the truth of "cultivating relationships" they tacked on things that were inconsequential.

You can't blame TV (or the media) for what you lack as a parent. (If this article is meant to ensue the "It's the media's fault" stance then it is hypocritical since the writer admits that he/she brings articles to the table to talk about and provides ample reason for it.) Families are quick to find scapegoats for their shortcomings. 'My kids are too large, let's sue McDonalds.' 'My kids demand to have every new thing, let's blame advertisers.' 'My family does not spend enough time together, must be our technology, let's go live in 19th century Montana.' 'My kids are out of control, someone made them wild.' 'My family is not what I want it to be, this can not be my fault. Something is literally stopping me from cultivating the relationships with my family.'

If you feel you don't connect with your kids, try meeting them in their environment. If you don't like that environment, you are their parent - you could change it if you wish. Don't be afraid to be the "bad guy" if you disagree with them on what is best for them. However before you ignite their resentment, make sure you are making sense. Simple example: Taking away their TV = bad idea. Watching TV with them and then talking about it afterwards = good idea. Think of it like the article that was brought to the dinner table. Your kids will have a much harder time making good sense if they don't see you as a good example.

The irony being that this arguement is being held through technological devices. As well, that they used a Reality TV show to get their point across. Let that marinate.

A former kid.


The Daily Show - were it still on by then I would greatly persuade my kids to watch it.

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