Sunday, August 06, 2006


Greetings. I have been away this time for a good reason. Mainly that I don't like to talk about mess until it's final. So... the two jobs that I interviewed for... I'll let u know what happens when I get them. Which I'm told is the second week in August, so any day now. My prayers have been answered and I will be happy to share the news with y'all.

Also, I officially moved. As in, my boy and I took my stuff out of my old apartment and into the basement of my new apartment. So really i'm in housing limbo (which i call my girlfriend's sublet). Who's awkwardness so far peaked not at the brief heated debate we had tonight but rather when the handyman (i forget the PC term people use now) showed up to plug some mice holes. Although, i thought he was the landlord so I was kinda stand-offish thinking 'I hope he don't tell me to get the f*ck out, cus we gone have some words.' Other than that it was a 'hey buddy' situation.

My bestfriend is dating one of my close friends which makes me happy, cus I don't have to size anyone up. Now usually this is one of those social taboos (the kind of which I have no fear of obliterating) and the friends avoid what they know is possible cus they believe they can't be friends if it doesn't work out. That BS annoys me and best exemplifies how socially/intellectually limited you (and most likely your friend) are but even beyond that, the relationship makes almost TOO much sense from what I know of each so let's sit back and watch where that goes.

Lastly, I am good at video games. In my time in limbo i've been playing them alot (particularly Spiderman 2 - Gamecube). Granted they are nearly the perfect example to my post-absurdist feelings on approaching things in life. See, I know good-and-well that I will not win any sort of prize or substantial compensation for playing/beating this game. My final victory or crux of resolution will not be soundtracked by John Williams nor garner me recognition beyond my girlfriend's potential* and near-patronizing "That's good, baby." As well, I realize the marginal entertainment value versus what productive things I could be doing yet I acquiesce to its purpose in my life because my enjoyment outweighs the regret I will harvest over my lost time.

:: IM a friend ::

Well, I've forgotten where I was meaning to go, thus I will end things here.

He created the music that we have soldered into our culture. From his mind to our society, that's pimp. It's a gift.

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