Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Danie: how was your day?
Brendth: sorry, just got back
Brendth: my day was pleasant enough
Brendth: had a big test in Japanese
Danie: good.
Danie: eew
Danie: how was that?
Brendth: another big test tomorrow in Music
Brendth: and a midterm to write for tomorrow
Brendth: um, it went well, turns out i know japanese
Danie: oh jeez
Danie: good!
Danie: well it's gorgeous outside!
Brendth: yeah
Brendth: and the girl scouts in the campus center made me feel special
Danie: why?
Danie: because they giggled and said you were cute? haha
Brendth: yep
Brendth: to the point where when i was leaving
Brendth: one of them literally dropped everything she had
Brendth: and ran and gave me a hug
Danie: you stud you.
Danie: how old were they?
Danie: because if i have to report you...i will
Brendth: i dunno, but i actually did need a hug
Danie: ;-)
Danie: awww
Brendth: yeah, that made my day better.

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